Thursday, August 02, 2007

Momentous Memories

Well, in just about two hours (what will be Aug. 3, 12:15am Mountain Daylight Time) Aidan will be FOURTEEN years old! (It’s MDT because he was born in Colorado.) I can’t believe it’s been fourteen years since my sweet little baby boy was born. Then he was soft and tiny and sweet and so adorable. Now he’s two inches taller than me, has a deep voice, a bit of acne, some chin hairs and a peach-fuzz mustache. What in heaven’s name happened? Did I give him permission to move past the age of three?

In all honesty, though, even though he goes through “teenage” days, I still LIKE him, on top of loving him. He’s a really awesome kid. I like that he’s a geek, that he doesn’t like sports, that he loves languages and how they work, that he’s into Star Trek, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, that the only rock music he likes is the Newsboys, that he prefers classical or techno WITHOUT words, that he has such a terrific sense of humor, and that he’s still incredibly good looking. Most of all I like (well, LOVE) that he loves the Lord and chooses to follow Him. It’s tough work raising a teenager these days, especially if you want to keep them on the right path, on track with Christ. There is SO MUCH against them. But, as one of our old favorite Veggie Tales songs used to say (back when Aidan was three), “God is bigger than the Boogie Man” – He’s definitely bigger than Satan and all that the Enemy is going to try to throw against my son. I know God has a wonderful purpose for Aidan’s life. And I know the Enemy is going to do everything he can to thwart that purpose. But Aidan’s got a praying Mom and Pop, praying grandparents and a praying great-grandmother, and praying friends, so the Enemy’s not gonna have it as easy as he thinks he is! (Although, yes, I realize that one should NEVER let down one’s guard!)

Anyway, all this has broken me out of my creative funk! I went upstairs tonight and whipped out this card for Aidan’s birthday. (Okay, I DID have to ask God for some major inspiration, but it did come!) It looks like a serious card, but on the inside is printed (in Freebooter script): “Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday, Fellow Brilliant Person ---- Happy Birthday to You-HOOOO!! – From: The Guys.” And then I wrote in “Um, well, and us, too” and signed it from his dad and me. I hope he’ll think it’s funny. At least I really like the way the front of the card came out!

Stamps are: Stampin’ Up! and Above the Mark. Patterned Paper is unknown. Brads are from Oriental Trading Company.

I finally got a call back from the lady who runs the “disenfranchised women” ministry here in town. It's a sort of halfway house for women who have just left prison and who have nowhere to go. It’s strongly Christian-based, and the women who live there have to help out with chores and cooking on top of doing Bible studies and learning other basic life skills to help them out when they “graduate” from the six-month program. Anyway, I had mentioned to her that I would be available for teaching the ladies stamping or scrapbooking, and so we’ve decided to have them do a spiritual scrapbook. I have to work out the logistics, and also find supply donors (or money donors), then I’ll be able to get started. Apparently they’re all super excited about doing it, so I can’t take too long putting it together! I’m pretty excited, too, for the chance to invest some of myself in the lives of women who have not had the blessings I’ve had in my life. I have the strong suspicion they’ll be blessing me more than I bless them!

Anyway, I’d better get off to bed. Later I may talk about the headache treatments I’ve been going through lately, but if I know Aidan, he’ll be up and ready for action first thing in the morning, so I’d better be able to at least get out of bed, get dressed and drive over to my parents’ for the present unwrapping and breakfast!


FiKaLo said...

hello... i found you when i did a search for people who have the Veggie Tales Jonah movie in their favourite movies! I'm raising my own two preschoolers on a steady diet of VeggieTales! :-)

Hey be encouraged with the parenting a teenager deal! I'm a youth leader in my local church and there's nothing quite so rewarding as seeing my 16 year old girls actually challenging their peers to believe the Bible!! It's exciting when a teen makes a personal stand for their faith in their local community. Actually your son kind of sounds like me - i'm a Star Wars geek! :-) Keep praying for your son that he'll be a strong leader in the Body of Christ and see many people come to Christ through his life and actions and words!

Hey nice choice of Australia as one of your dream holidays! I'm biased though - I'm an Aussie and I think it's an awesomely beautiful country! :-D

have a blessed week!

Lynn said...

I Loved the card you made. I love reading your blog and seeing the beautiful cards you make.