Monday, September 03, 2007

Short Hiatus

Just wanted my faithful reader(s) to know that I will be on a short (I hope) hiatus while I try to get my health issues straightened out. Headache meds are a bit tough, plus right now I’ve got a sinus infection that has set up housekeeping in my head and apparently really likes it there. Seems it heard from some of its ancestors that the conditions in Stacy’s head are very welcoming for Strong, Virile sinus infections. Got the widescreen plasma TV, the wet bar, the Jacuzzi, everything the sinus infection bacteria needs to hold a huge party and invite all his friends. So until I can find a strong enough antibiotic army to come in and evict the joint, I’ll be sleeping a lot and not stamping much. I WANT to be stamping, but when one’s head is full of … um … “stuffy stuff” (the word I’m wanting to use is “snot”, but that’s not a very nice word), it doesn’t leave much room for the creative process to blossom.

I’ve decided, BTW, to do away with my SU demonstrator business website. I’m having trouble at the moment with the price increases of their stamp sets and other goodies. Yes, I love their stuff, but when I can buy unmounted stamps for SO MUCH cheaper elsewhere … I just feel kinda hypocritical asking other people to spend that extra, even if I’m making money off of it. ESPECIALLY because I’m making a profit off of it. So, yeah, I’ll probably stick with SU for awhile longer, but mainly as a hobby demo, and because I do have one or two customers who I feel like rely on me to help them with their choices and to learn more about stamping.

Or maybe I’m just being negative because I feel so rotten. At any rate, I AM going to cancel my credit card that I use for SU, and only do things on a cash/debit basis from now on. My grandmother gave me a kind-of “chunky” check the other day, and while it won’t pay off the credit card, it will help some. Gave me incentive to decide I’m just done with that credit card. My customers may have to wait a day or two until their checks clear before I can place their orders, but that’s just how it has to be. And since I’ve decided not to do anymore classes (at least for awhile), I won’t need to be stocking up on supplies. Hopefully I have enough now to prepare for the craft fair!

So, I will be back ASAP, just wanted you/y’all to know where I am …