Monday, November 05, 2007

Where have I been?

Good question! I’m not sure I know the answer to it. Okay, I’ve been dealing with several different things – not the least of which has been major stamping burnout. Something about the poor results of the craft fair just dealt me a blow. It wasn’t so much that I felt sorry for myself – it was just an unfortunate mix of bad location, less-than-stellar display and … whatever the thing was that made people not even look in my general direction. But I had worked so hard and made so many cards, and when I ended up bringing most of them back home, well, I just didn’t have it in me to make any more (except for Bjorn’s birthday card). I think I figured why bother making any more when I had that many that needed to be sold. Why just keep adding to the inventory? I’m trying to keep my eyes open for another local craft fair, and since Stampin’ Up! now allows us to sell creations in permanent retail locations, I need to get busy trying to find a place that will sell my cards, but I just sorta have lost heart.

(Random photo of Cathedral Rock, on the Coromandel Peninsula, North Island, New Zealand)

I actually went up to the loft yesterday and cleaned it up a bit, hoping that would be inspiring. It was, sorta. I meant to go up and do a mini scrapbook page today, but it didn’t happen. I have the lazies today, so I haven’t done much of anything except help my mother roll my grandmother’s hair (she’s got probably a crushed vertebrae or two, and is in a lot of pain, and there’s not much they can do about it – and she sure as heck doesn’t feel like going to the beauty shop, but she’s too vain just to go around with shaggy hair! I love it!). I have a brand new grand-nephew (welcome to the world, David [whatever] Roy!), so I ordered the stuff I needed to make his mama a brag book. Hopefully that will kick-start me. I have thousands of dollars worth of craft stuff sitting in that loft (collected over about ten years), so I can’t just give it up!

(Random beautiful New Zealand Rainbow)

Good thing, though, is that I’ve been concentrating on my writing, which has been fun. I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned that I’ve got a story going with a character who is similar to Phil Joel, but isn’t him. For one thing, my Phil (yeah, his name is Phil, but his last name is Murray – somehow I just couldn’t use any other name), while being from New Zealand, moves to Texas with his family at the age of eleven, and that’s where he meets the main character, Caddie, and becomes best friends with her (she’s ten). The story doesn’t actually start with that, it starts with a suicide attempt by Caddie when they’re in their twenties, after they’re married. It’s mostly about what brings about this attempt (Caddie’s emotionally abusive father), and her relationship with Phil, which is simply that of “best mates” until she is seventeen and he is eighteen. Anyway, I have a ton of scenes written, lots of character development stuff, but my plot is pretty weak. Actually, I’m not sure what my plot even is. I’m not gonna worry about that right now, though. My goal right now is just to crank out as many scenes as pop into my head, as much character development as I want to, and then one day I hope to go back and pare all that down and hang the useful, necessary bits together with a plot. Being that the Phil character is pretty easily identifiable as a “knock-off” of Phil Joel (my Phil even ends up in a major Christian rock band where most of the guys are from Australia – yeah, it’s sad, but that’s how the story happened in my head), I doubt I could ever publish it, but it’s a great exercise in writing.

(Intentional Phil Pic)

Anyway, so between burnout, migraines, Homecoming-induced teen angst (which, thankfully, resolved itself, but nearly tore all three of our hearts to ribbons before it did) and getting Phil and Caddie through their lives, the craft loft has seen very little of me (except that I made Aidan’s date’s Homecoming mum, and it was pretty nice, if I do say so, myself!). I guess it’s okay to take a break now and again. I am loving the writing!

So … off to make dinner. Thank God for pre-cooked, microwaveable Salisbury Steaks!


RITH said...

Hey Stacy! Jen here, the worst customer in the world! SO sorry it took 3 months to get you your $! I hope it got there okay, though! On another note, I think your atrwork is beautiful - very clean and well-thought out, if you know what I mean. I can't believe they weren't going gangbusters at the craft fair! Just do something positive with the lot of them - donate them at church or send them to a hospital or something to turn around their energy (yes, I know it sounds New-Agey, but belive me, you'll feel better!) But you will then be totally FREE from all the memories and able to see into the next thing that gives you joy - or makes you laugh! It soumds like your writing is a great outlet - and if you want, I will come by and give you a room makeover (with things you have on hand already!) to breathe new life into your space! My mom does it for me all the time! She just comes out to visit, and before you know it, we've shoved all the furniture around and hung artwork in different areas - it's amazing what just a little inspiration can do! I feel ready to get out whatever project I'm working on and enjoy a few hours of Stamping! Oh- and by the way NEWSBOYS RULE! We're listening to the Go album daily - I painted my daughter's room this weekend listening to "I'm Free" and "Mission Bell" The Newsboys are the only band I've loved where I noticed that every song is my favorite when I'm listening to it! Go! Love, Jennifer Korstad

Stacy said...

Jennifer -- hey, girlfriend, what can I say? You rule!!