Saturday, January 05, 2008

Heres' to a Creative, Crafty 2008

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile! There was all the Christmas stuff (and the burnout), then over Christmas, while visiting in Arizona, I got the worst gastro-intestinal flu! I actually ended up in the hospital in Show Low, Arizona (we were up on the Mogollon Rim at my in-laws’ cabin) with severe dehydration. Not fun. So it’s taking me awhile to recover my energy from that. But I am dying to get into the craft loft now and get started on a new year of stamping and scrapping! Yes! I am once again Inspired and Eager to get going! (It helps that SU has a new catalog full of entirely wonderful and groovy new things, and that I got Christmas money!)

Alas, we are having company this whole next week, but hopefully, if I can get the brain-fog to go away, I’ll have some free time to get up there and do something. Even if it’s just clean the place up a bit and get the vibes from all that wonderful paper and STUFF!

Oh! With some of my Christmas money I bought a CRICUT!! The basic one, but still, it should be fun … I ordered it online from Oh My Crafts, so I hope it gets here soon so I can play with it!

Alright, gotta run … Here’s wishing all of us a wonderful new year full of incredibly crafty, creative days and fabulous projects!

P.S. I can't believe it's been a whole year since Phil Joel left the Newsboys. I think I may survive now, but it took me about eight months to get over that! Anyway, life moves on -- I still love Phil and the Phil-included Newsboys, but the group as it is now will never be the same. In my Humble But Most Accurate Opinion.

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