Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"Card Sketch" LO Finally Finished!!

First of all -- Happy Waitangi Day to all my loyal Kiwi readers (assuming I have any). Today (well, actually Wednesday, Feb. 6, which it is in New Zealand) is the day they celebrate as their national holiday, which is a celebration of the Treaty of Waitangi (or Te Tiriti, as it's called in Maori), the document that set forth how the Maori and the Pakeha (the white Europeans) were to live together in what they hoped would be harmony. Look it up on Wikipedia. There was a lovely article in the New Zealand Herald today about What it Means to be Kiwi that made me want to move there more than ever! I think the nation of New Zealand oughta at least pay for me and my family a few weeks there, as diehard a fan as I am, dontcha think?

Anyway, on to the real topic ... I actually finished the layout I was working on based on last week's Technostamper Monday Lunch Challenge (#2). Go back a few posts if you need to be reminded what it looked like. Here's my LO:

This is a 2 page LO -- I was too lazy to take the hours to load up Adobe PE to paste them together. Click on each half to see it larger. Papers are Basic Grey and SU. I used my new Cricut machine (which I almost threw in the lake until I finally managed to figure out the settings for SU cardstock!) for the title. You can't read it very well, but the little bit over my (very young) picture says "Why stay home alone with your computer when you can ..."

The photos didn't look as bad when I went up to work on it last night as I'd remembered before I got sick, so I guess it was just the result of coming down with the virus -- I was too zonked to see things clearly.

Okay, gotta run get dinner on and listen to the Super Tuesday returns. I really hope my fav candidate will sweep 'em!!

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MJ said...

This is great! I love that you made it into a scrapbook page, and a great one at that! Love it. Thanks so much for playing along.