Sunday, February 17, 2008

Falling Grannies

Well, this has not been a good week -- mostly. Although I did get to finally meet my ULTRA-ADORABLE new grand-nephew David (who is abso-flamin'-lutely yummy and sweet and kissy and all those things a three-month-old in my family typically is!) ... (and here is his picture:)

... my 95 year old grandmother fell and fractured her pelvis in several places (and it was discovered she also had an infection in her legs from swelling she'd been struggling with, PLUS she has a mild case of pneumonia from a diverticula -- lump -- in her throat that makes eating a challenge and can cause aspiration of food into the lungs). She is now in an assisted living/health care facility that's close to our houses (mine and my parents') until she can be rehabbed back to the condition she was in before she fell. Of course, there's always the chance she may never get back to that shape, but we're not going down that road, that train of thought. My Granny is a toughie, and our God is big, so unless He's got a really good reason that He needs her up in Heaven, we're asking Him to let us keep her for a few more years! (As long as she's comfortable and wants to stick around with us.)

So it hasn't been a great week for stamping. I started a couple of valentines and then just had to give up. Forced creativity wasn't working for me. I've been helping out with Granny, plus my mom hasn't felt comfortable staying by herself at night while my dad stays up at the health care place with Granny, so I've been staying over there with her at night ... I'm worn out! Tonight I get to stay home, Mom has other arrangements.

Some of you reading this probably already know all this, since I posted about it on two of my Yahoo groups, and I'm sure most of my readership comes from there. I'm totally hoping to get some stamping time in tomorrow. I have new stamps I'm dying to try out ... I think I'm going to give up on Valentine's cards, even though I had intended to make belated ones. I'll just make "love you" cards that don't have the specific Valentine theme, so I'm not limited to that. Seems like limiting myself right now isn't working, as I said before.

Okay, now I'm starting to ramble, so it's time to end this post. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have something crafty and wonderful to show off! In the meantime, any of you who feel so inclined, it would be awesome if you would keep my Granny and my parents (especially my mom, who is her daughter) in your prayers.


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