Monday, February 04, 2008

Looking forward to Springtime ...

... or whenever it is that all these stupid viruses and such stop floating around! Aidan had it last week, now I have it, and although it's a milder version of what took him out of school for several days, I still had fever (am over that part now), still have a bit of a sore throat, definitely have sinus and have been extremely tired. What really stinks about all this is that I got my new Technique Junkies newsletter THE DAY I came down with this! How unfair is that?? Here I am looking at all these yummy new techniques and I don't feel the least bit like going up to try them! All I can do is lie on the couch with my laptop, look at the beautiful cards everyone is making with the new techies and feel incredibly, majorly sorry for myself!

Before I got sick I was working on a LO based on last week's Technostamper Monday Lunch Sketch. I had no real problem coming up with an idea for the paper bits, but when it came to the photos ... well, let's just say I'm less than thrilled with what I've got to work with. I decided to do a LO based on our computer-centric family, which then turned into a LO about my computer-centric son, how he got a pretty early start with a little help from certain family members. The tough thing is that the photos were all from the days of Actual Film and all 4"x6", all snapshot style, and not the greatest. I have TONS of photos like that. Plus our scanner doesn't do well on photos, so I'm really pretty stuck with what I've got to work with (at this point I have no desire to dig out the negatives and go that route). So I'm struggling with how to make the photos work on the LO. Hopefully now that I've had a few days away from the LO my perspective will be better and I can come up with something I can live with. I'm really hoping to feel up to working on it tonight. Our pastor is coming over to hang with Bjorn and Aidan, so I'll have guilt-free time in which to do this!

And I spent money while I was sick. I mean, hey, you're feeling sorry for yourself, you've got your laptop there, you're bored to tears and casually surfing the scrapping/stamping sites "just to see what's out there", and you find stuff you like, and next thing you know ... WHAM! There's a hole in your bank account! Now, how does that happen? (At the moment I'm trying to remember what I even bought! Can I blame it on the fever?)

I'm hoping to have something to show you tomorrow! Oh, and there's a new sketch from Mary Jo/Technostamper for the week, so there's that to do, also! Help! I've got to get well!!!!

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Tish said...

I agree with you on politics. It is amazing how people have no clue what Obama stands for yet..he is the star. He scares me.
Love your creative cards.