Thursday, February 07, 2008

Some things are just darned hard!

This is what I've spent my creative energies on today. Looks easy, right? I mean, looks like you just stamp a little, slap on some 3-D stickers and you're done in a half-hour, right? NOT!!!!! I spent hours on this card today, mostly working on things that didn't end up in the final version, or just staring into space wondering why I couldn't get the "mojo" up and going for this card. It was commissioned by one of my customers for her grandson's Eagle Scout Court of Honor. She's such a sweet lady that I always want to outdo myself for her (and be worthy of the generous amount she pays me). Anyway, I tried to base this on the first week's Technostamper Monday Lunch challenge ('cause I liked the sketch), but ended up leaving off the central focal image because I couldn't come up with a third "non-focal" one (the Twinks-painted eagle was supposed to be the focal image, and I couldn't come up with anything for the upper left square if I had done it that way). So, here it is and I like it, even though it looks "simple".

All stamps used are Stampin' Up! (there's a linen background stamp on the smaller layer of River Rock). Stickers are by K and Company. All paper is also SU except for the "distressed" dark blue layer. No clue what that one is. I've had it for, as Gandalf would say, "an age of Men".

The same customer also commissioned a Valentine's Day card to send to a good friend of hers, and that came somewhat easier, except that I started out on something completely different, wanting to try a new-to-me TJ technique combined with this week's Technostamper challenge. Alas, it was just not coming together in a way that satisfied me for this card, so I put it aside and came up with this one instead (picture follows). It's the Vanilla Double technique (TJ -- and one I just love). The sparkly paper behind the heart is actually just two rectangles of tissue paper, one light pink, one white, twisted in the middle and laid perpendicular to each other (see, I DID pay attention in Geometry!). I used a stiff brush to dab on a little Versamark, then sprinkled glitter on them. This was a mistake. It was supposed to be Iridescent Ice, but I wasn't paying attention to what I grabbed. As soon as I started sprinkling I realized my mistake, of course, so I got the Ir. Ice out, too, and sprinkled that, then heated it up. It turned out alright, but of course now I have Despised Glitter all over this universe, and probably a few parallel ones. Ah, well. What we do for art's sake. The heart has three different colors of Pearl Ex on it, but you can't really see that in the photo. All stamps are by SU except the "Happy Valentine's Day" which is by ... darn! I can't remember! I just bought the little set at Archivers yesterday! I'm too tired to run upstairs and check right now, but I'll try to remember to do that tomorrow. I want to be sure and credit them.

Disappointingly, the embossing on the scallop doesn't show in the photo! The punch I used is a $14.99 Martha Stewart (I'm trying not to shudder) punch I got at Michaels for $1.49. Yes, you read that right. I seriously think it was a huge mistake by whoever input the price, but it might have been clearanced since I don't think MS is selling that stamp on her website right now. At any rate, it's a real story how I got that one AND another similar one for the same price ... but no time for the tale right now.

Isn't it terrible about all those tornadoes that happened on Super Tuesday?!? Now the death count is up to 56! They say it's the worst death toll from a tornado outbreak in the US in nearly 23 years. It's heartbreaking to hear the stories. I was looking at the NOAA website, where they list the "incidents" sort-of clinically (this is what happens in real-time, then they just leave it up as the official report, kinda like a traffic report would be), and to my horror I saw that there had been a smallish tornado in the very county where Phil Joel and some of the Newsboys live! It didn't hit their town (Franklin, TN, in Williamson County), but it did destroy a house in a small town in that neck of the woods! Good thing these guys have basements. (I've seen Phil's basement in a Newsboys podcast. He was having it converted into a Hobbit hole. Hey, guy's from New Zealand, they filmed the movies in New Zealand, apparently he's a big LOTR freak, so cut him some slack, okay? Besides, he has yummy hair.)

And Mitt Romney dropped out of the Republican race today! I am floored! And that's all I'll say on that topic.

It's getting late, I wanna go check the news before I go to bed, so I'll sign off now. Tomorrow I'll be having lunch with a good friend (yay!), and then I plan to visit Archivers again (yay!), and then I HOPE to have some time to just PLAY in the loft!! I have a LOT of new TJ techs to catch up on, plus I got some groovy new Cuttlebug folders today, as well as a boxload of new SU stuff (pre-orders of next month's "Occasions" mini-catalog) ... so many goodies, so little time!!!!!


stampin_melissa said...

Stacy, all of your work is gorgeous, but that Eagle Scout is jaw-dropping awesome! I am sure your customer is going to LOVE it!

Gwen Mangelson said...

yes, Romney quit because Racial bigotry is alive and well here in the south. I deal with it on a daily basis and I am always shocked at the lies people think is the truth.

I absolutely love love love the court of honor card! Want to make me one and spare me the headache? lol
love ya!