Saturday, February 09, 2008

Tips, tests and torture

This is all Mary Jo's fault. She had one of these little Blog test thingies on her blog the other day, so I thought I'd go try it out. Hers was something about what your name says about you. I took the test -- total baloney. So I decided to see what other tests they had. Played around for awhile, found out what kind of weather I am (saving that for a later date), that sort of stuff. Then I noticed one called "What English Speaking Country Are You?" Hey, thought I, that oughta be fun. Maybe I can score Australia or something. So, mates, I took the test and here's what I got:

What English Speaking Country Are You?

You Belong in New Zealand

Good on ya, mate
You're the best looking one of the bunch
Though you're often forgotten...
You're quite proud of who you are

Is that too cool, or what??? My cats thought I had lost my mind because I kinda shrieked, "Yessss!" I didn't even figure they had New Zealand on this test (didn't figure these blokes had ever heard of it, to be honest). So I thought it was "sweet as". Of course, if it had come back with "England" or "Wales" or something, I would've said, "Aw, this is a bunch of bunk" (no offense at all meant to my British and Welsh readers -- I have English and Welsh ancestry and am extremely proud of that, it's just that, you know, I have this THING about New Zealand ...)

ANYWAY ... okay, now on to the TIP:
I was looking through some scrapping magazine or other a few days ago, and saw this idea and thought it was really flash (another Kiwi-ism there). Go through your stash of stuff and write down everything you have -- not literally item by item, but general categories (i.e., rhinestone brads, alphabet stickers, chipboard letters, foam stamps, etc.). Cut your list into strips of paper, with one item on each strip, and put them into a jar. (If you're really into it you can decorate the jar.) Next time you sit down to scrapbook or make a card, pull out one of the strips. The challenge is to use whatever is on that strip in your project. It's a good way to use the things you buy that you put away and then forget about. I LOVE this idea! I have bought so many "gotta have" little items (and not so little ones) that get stored away and then it's "out of sight, out of mind", and they never get used -- and I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this! So when I'm finished with the TORTURE of cleaning up my craft loft (which I started today), then I'm going to go through the drawers and boxes and shelves and all that and make that list. This could spark a whole new burst of creativity! (Please, God?)

Okay, well, as you can see I didn't craft today because I was working on straightening up the loft. Got Aidan (my 14 year old son) to categorize my PP for me, with a juicy reward promised (more computer time this week -- better than cash, chocolate or anything else in the universe). He did a pretty good job of it, too! I may have to shuffle a few things around, but overall, I was proud of him for tackling it and doing it well.

Yesterday I went to Archivers, as I had mentioned I would. Can somebody please tell me how you can spend $30 on PAPER??? I went up and down the paper aisles and just pulled paper. I usually always buy two pages of everything, in case I want to do a coordinating 2-page LO, or in case I screw something up. I tried not to buy a bunch of girly, flowery stuff, since I seem to be swimming in that these days. But I still managed to spend $30 on paper! I have lost my mind. The only other things I bought were two Mono refills and a clear stamp set (and I had a 30% off coupon for that). It was, yeah, insane. And this is after I've bought CTMH stuff from a friend, and TAC stuff from someone I met online, and a TON of SU mini-catalog preview stuff ... I have either got to start selling stuff or STOP SPENDING SO MUCH! (Oh, yeah, then I came home and bought another stamp set online -- Gel-a-tins has this really awesome set called "Wild Things", which is a bunch of grass-like flowers, the kinds with long stems, that look like they'd make really great silhouette kinds of things...) I've got to STOP IT!!!

Does this mean I'm out of my creative slump?? lol


Peggy said...

great tip - don't know that I'd get it done, but something to think about.

Gwen Mangelson said...

you crack me up! great tip but I will never remember to pull out the strips! lol

and until we see projects I cant tell if your slump is over- hee hee sure wish mine was this surgery really took it all out of me. I did stamp today you will have to check my blog on Sunday for the cutie cowboy favor I made for my sons wedding reception!
hugs and thanks or your shameless begging in the email ! lolol