Thursday, March 06, 2008

St. Patrick's Day birthday card, and other stuff

If you're not interested in my personal life, scroll down to the card stuff ...

I have strep throat! I can’t believe it!! I don’t even remember the last time I had Actual Strep Throat, but I do know it was eons ago, long before I hit my 40s, maybe not even in my 30s. Aidan gets strep, not me. Very weird. Just shows you what hanging out at a hospital will do for ya. The worst part about this is that I have now had to bail on my parents as a Granny-sitter, pretty much leaving the whole duty in my dad’s already overburdened lap. My aunt (his sister) arrived from Houston today to help out, so I’m hoping that will give him a much-needed boost. Mom is still sick with her throat thing (she doesn’t think she had strep, so she doesn’t think she gave it to me). I think she’s mostly just flat-out exhausted at this point, so it’s taking her a very long time to get over it.

Plus my poor dad now has to deal with buying a new car. He hit a deer one night last week on his way home from the hospital (he’s okay, fortunately, no harm done to him except a little temporary hearing loss from the air bags deploying). The car repair folks originally said they could fix the damage, but now they’re saying they’ll probably have to total the car. Yeah, they totally need this right now. Car shopping and car payments on top of everything else they’re dealing with. And the deer? After lying there playing dead for a few minutes, it got up and ran off into the woods!

Granny is going to have surgery tomorrow morning to try to fix the diverticulum sac-thingy that is in her throat and that is causing all her pneumonia problems. According to the doctor, particles of food and liquid get trapped in this thing and then randomly dump out into her trachea, basically causing her to aspirate them into her lungs. Bacteria then forms around the aspirated junk and that causes pneumonia. He said she’ll just continue to get bouts of pneumonia if they don’t invert this thing so it can’t collect any more junk (she’s too old and fragile for them to totally remove it). So she and my parents have agreed to the procedure. The doc said he’ll be super careful and try to be as safe as possible doing it (there’s a Plan A that’s fairly quick, but if it doesn’t work, they’ll have to go to a Plan B that’ll take longer), but of course at her age and level of fragility there are always risks. I hate all this. I know – we all do – that she’s got her “ticket to heaven” firmly secured, that she’s lived a long, good life, etc., etc., etc. But we aren’t ready to give her up yet, and … well, just all that stuff, and it’s just so hard and complicated and painful and … blech. Even if everything goes perfectly well, she’s been bedridden for so many days now (with a little phys therapy going on, but not every single day) that there’s the chance she may not ever really get back to the mobility she had before all this. This is NOT the way the last bit of her life should be. Granny should’ve gone out mopping! (If you knew my granny, you would get this …)

Anyway …

So, before I got sick I did manage to make a card this week! One of my good customers commissioned a St. Patrick’s Day birthday card for a friend of hers, and fortunately an idea came to me (thank You, Lord!) fairly quickly. It utilizes two TJ techniques – “Frog in a Blender” for the green background, and the whole thing is a Flip Tag Card. My “Frog …” panel is pretty subtle because I was using up the end of a “Frog wash” and so the colors were pretty blended by that time, thus it’s mostly just variations of green with a bit of yellowy-gold mixed in. I used Liquid Appliqué to make the frosting on the cake, and Stickles glitter glue for the glittery green bits. Irish blessing and shamrock stamps are from DRS Designs, and the cake and “Happy Birthday” are Stampin’ Up!

Remember, you can click on the images to see them larger.

Hopefully I'll get better soon and have some time to play with Mary Jo's latest challenge -- it being Thursday, I guess that had better happen soon! I'm two behind now, but I'm hoping to get a chance to play this weekend. I got a bunch of new stamps (mostly Scripture stamps) and finished out my collection of SU color family "Craft" (pigment ink) ink pads this week, on top of a few other items (new Cuttlebug folders, some Glimmer sprays, etc.) so I've got a lot to play with! (And nothing to retire on! Sorry, honey!)

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