Sunday, April 06, 2008

Great big canvas ...

Well, I have spent the greater part of this week going nuts with backgrounds! I didn't feel particularly creative as far as making cards went (never mind scrapbook layouts), so I ran down to Michaels and got some Createx paint (it's a water-based acrylic paint for use in airbrushing, so it's thinner than regular acrylic paints), and just went nuts with several TJ techniques (not all of which required the Createx, that was just a supply I didn't already have). Something about slopping paint around on glossy cardstock and wax paper and whatever else is just incredibly therapeutic, I think!

I also did another rendition of the Waxy Cuttlebug technique, this time using Rainbow Mist sprays and Shimmer Sprays instead of the rainbow ink pads. I just don't seem to have much luck with the inkpads, but the sprays worked out great! I had to cover the sprayed piece with wax paper and smoosh the ink around in order to really work it down to the un-waxed bits, but I think it worked so much better than with a brayer and inkpad. Unfortunately the shimmer in the sprays doesn't show up well even with a photograph, but, trust me, it's there!

The stamp is from Club Stamp, the quote stamp is from (I think) Crazy Mountain Stamps (I'd have to check that for sure), and the glass rectangle came from the jewelry/bead section at Michaels.

Now that I'm quitting SU, I think I'm gonna re-vamp my craft loft. It doesn't have to be SU-centric now, I don't have to keep SU stuff "uncontaminated" by non-SU and that could really free me up for a re-organization that would work better. First of all I'm going to unmount all my mounted sets (yay! space!) -- of course, this will have to be done over time due to the cost of the EZ Mount and the effort involved. But that will clear out lots of shelf space, so hopefully I can shuffle some things around and not be so crowded! Anyway, it'll be a fun project to work on.

SO, I'm off to eat my "Sunday evening scrounge" dinner (because we feast at lunch), and figure out what SU stuff I absolutely must buy while I still have my 20% discount! lol

Happy Stamping!

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Shelly Schmidt said...

Lovely card!!! I am so sorry about your Grandmother- I did not get you a card in the mail, but she was in my prayers!!! I am reading your blog and shaking my head- I will not sign up to be a SU demo either- it is so hard to get any of my friends motivated to even stamp with me let alone buy stamps from me- it would be so much work! I had a party where it was like a camp, and only one person purchased one stamp set......I am better off working at my job and buying stamps from where-ever I feel like it......I am also slowly unmounting my stamps.....and tryng to 'sort' them.......