Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hear ye, hear ye!

Well, the Big News that I promised to tell you about yesterday is this:

I am quitting Stampin’ Up! As of May 1, 2008 I will no longer be a demonstrator or be associated with Stampin’ Up! except as a customer (I still love their stuff). I’ve been tossing this around in my head and trying to decide for eons, but I finally decided that I am NOT enjoying the sales aspect of it, can’t get my “demo mojo” going anymore, and I’m spending waaaaaay more money being a demo than I ever would just as a customer. And that’s INCLUDING the 20% discount!

I really started thinking seriously about this when I had to cancel several classes in a row for lack of interest. I knew it wasn’t because I’m not a good teacher – my customers always enjoyed my classes, but for some reason I just couldn’t get enough people together at one time to get anything going. And my sales have just plummeted. No amount of special enticements or promotions were working. So I had to face up to the fact that I am just not a salesperson (I’ve known this since my Girl Scout Cookie days), and I’m not a go-getter either. I love Stampin’ Up! products, and my upline said they pretty much sell themselves, but it just wasn’t working for me! So I’m looking forward now to being free of company associations, and I can plug any company I want to without guilt or remorse! And I can unmount all the current SU stamps I want to keep and have more storage space (YAY!!!), and hopefully sell the sets I thought I would like or use to demonstrated and really couldn’t care less about!

So, that’s that. Now, on to creativity. I also promised yesterday that I would post the other card I made, so I will dutifully do that. The main technique I used was a new TJ one (in the April ’08 newsletter) called “Waxy Cuttlebug”), and that’s what’s behind the little girls. I also ran the Pixie Pink cardstock through the Cuttlebug with the same Paisley folder, and rubbed a bit of white pigment ink over the raised bit to highlight it. There’s a pale purple organdy ribbon behind the purplish gold-webbed strip, and the sentiment is done with the “Dazzling Diamond Dust” technique (I think that one’s a Splitcoast tech). The little girls are from River City Rubber Works, the sentiment is SU, as is all the cardstock, and the sparkly brads are from Oriental Trading Company. I don’t think the sparkly bits show up in the scan, but I didn’t feel up to trying to photograph them. Oh! This is also based on Mojo Monday Sketch #30, which you can find here.

I’m not having a good day today. All I can say is, grief sucks. Or maybe it’s more that death does. I’ve just been pretty down, even though it’s not overtly because of Granny. I just feel pretty fragile. But that could be partly because I didn’t get to rest too much today, had to do a lot of things at home and run some errands, kinda had to “push” when I needed to rest. I’m SO glad God understands all this and is carrying me in the palm of His hand so I don’t just plummet. Being a depression sufferer to start with, I’m not exactly starting with lots of room to go before hitting bottom. Anyway, that’s the “grief bulletin” for today. I hope I’ll feel like playing in the craft loft tonight. I started something last night that would be fun to finish, but I’m pretty tired, so we’ll just have to see. Maybe I’ll just play with techniques. I have a ton of great card sketches to play with, too, though. Hmmm …. choices ….

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