Monday, April 21, 2008

The Ocean-Soul connection

Port Aransas, TX -- August 2003

Call me a dreamer, a poet, a hopeless romantic, whatever you want, but I have this total THING about the ocean. I feel like it has a special "call" on me, that it has a connection to my very soul and that it cries out to me day and night yelling at me to get my rear end out of the middle of the "flamin' landlocked boohai" and get me to a beach! (That "flamin' landlocked boohai" phrase is one my Kiwi character in my novel says when he first moves to Central Texas at the age of 11, having been yanked up from living near the best surfing beaches in the world on the Coromandel Peninsula to, well, the flamin' landlocked boohai of Central Texas. Obviously I love this phrase!)

Unfortunately I can't get me to a beach all that easily, given the thing with job security (my husband's), familial responsibilities (my parents), and the fact that my high school freshman son would die an agonizing psychological death if we yanked him away from his school and his friends at this stage of life. So far, anyway. If things don't work out well with the as-yet unrequited love, he may WANT us to move to the beach.

So I have this amazingly passionate love for the beach, ocean, sailing and tall ships that basically permeates a great deal of my life. Thus you can imagine that when I pulled apart this unsuspecting little piece of Createx-smooshed black glossy cardstock and got THIS, I nearly fainted with joy. It was, quite obviously, a splash of a wave! (Okay, so ignore that the foam is on the bottom of the splash -- or maybe that's from the wave below it, dig?) Not just any old wave, either, but a totally poetic, stormy, emotion-filled (or as Aidan would say, "emo") wave, the perfect metaphor for those depressive moments of my life! And I -- quite NON-coincidentally, for those of us who believe in God and that He cares about the "little" things -- also had the perfect saying stamp to go with this wave! So here it is, one of the coolest things I've ever had just "happen" in my card-creating life. Yes, I think I've done more elaborate, more artsy or more creative cards, but just the serendipity of this whole thing is just so SWEET AS that I think it will always just be -- the "soul of Stacy" card!

The saying stamp is from Rubberstamp Avenue, the "black" cardstock is Night of Navy from SU, and the silver CS is "Polar White" (I think -- Polar something) from The Paper Company. The little "glass" baubles are actually plastic "filler" thingies I bought at Michaels in the same department where they have the glass marble vase-filler bits. They were clear, so I just daubed a little circle of the blue pearlescent Createx where I wanted the baubles to be, let that dry (it dries fast), then put a wee dot of Crystal Effects there to glue the baubles on and then carefully dropped the bauble doohickeys on so that they would stick directly over the blue dots. I just knew I would totally screw this up, but was pleasantly surprised that it went off without a hitch!

BTW, is there, like, an official word for "bauble doohickey"? I have no idea what it would be ...

UPDATE on the Staz-on with acrylic/photopolymer (clear) stamp deal, which I have found out is a full-blown controversy. Some people say NEVER EVER EVER, on pain of death, use any kind of solvent ink on your clear stamps, as it will eat them up like worms on the wood hull of ships (okay, I had to throw a nautical reference in here SOMEWHERE, y'know?). Some people say it's okay to use solvent inks on clear stamps as long as you clean them quickly and NOT with the Staz-on cleaner, as the CLEANER will eat your stamps up over time like -- well, worms on the hull of ... you get the point. And there are others who say they have used Staz-on/solvent inks AND Staz-on cleaner on their clear stamps for years with absolutely no ill effects whatsoever, that, apart from some staining (which is, PLEASE let me assure you, perfectly acceptable no matter what kind of stamp), the stamps still stamp as clearly as ever.

I e-mailed the Gel-a-tins people to see what their take is. I did read on the little card that came with the stamp tin that you can use Staz-on/solvent inks as long as you clean the stamps IMMEDIATELY after using them. But I want to get their truly official word.

Until then I will use Staz-on exceedingly sparingly on my clear stamps (only if I really, really NEED to -- you creative types know there are times ...) and I'll stop using the Staz-on cleaner, just use the other stamp cleaner I use. I did discover, thanks to the very knowledgeable and talented Lisa Somerville, that Blockheads Stamps sells some cleaners that they claim will safely clean solvent inks off clear stamps. So I'll probably give one of those a try one of these days soon.

AND last of all, for those of you who are still reading at this point, which means you are a True Blogger's Friend and therefore Care, I have another flamin' sinus infection -- or, rather, I have the SAME flamin' sinus infection that will not go away, so instead of antibiotics AGAIN, we're going to try a two-week regimen of steroids to see if we can't get the inflammation to go down. This is a clear case of allergy-caused torture, so if we can get the stupid swelling and crud to go down, then I SHOULD be better. Please, God. I want to Live again!!!

Thank you for sticking with me through this rather lengthy post. I'm afraid that, being a writer-type, I'm inclined to length. I hope you'll still love me ... ;-) because I totally love ANYONE who will stick with me this long!! (As long as you're not a random blog-stalker person ...)


Shirley said...

Your whole post is just so true about large bodies of water. I think we are all drawn to them and they are also calming and soothing. I even like to be there when it is stormy. Uh Oh! and I love your card too! Perfect with the post and the picture of the ocean. TFS, Stacy

Gerrie Johnnic said...

OMG, did this so beautiful! great job....and it all goes together FAB!

Ginni said...

Stacy, it is one terrific card and the saying is perfect. Enjoyed your whole post, especially knowing what you have been going through the past few weeks. Hope things are beginning to somewhat normalize.

Peggy M. said...

Hey Stacy. I read your post to the very end (inveterate reader). I hope your sinus infection clears up and that your memories of the sound of the ocean will be the background for dreams. I love the ocean.

stampin_melissa said...

Stacy, your Createx card truly is amazing! I agree that it has the feel of an ocean wave.

I too love the ocean, no not really to go swimming in so much anymore, just the spiritual calmness that I feel while I'm there. My DH is in Norfolk, VA right now for a military school and my DS and I will join him for a week in June. Ahhh, some time at the beach! :D

I hope your sinus infection goes away soon. I am dealing with one right now also (my first) and it is just miserable!