Saturday, April 26, 2008

Organization -- or insanity??

Holy cow, I have been on an "organization" kick the last two days ... something I've needed to do for awhile now, get my stamp index pages up-to-date with my mounted stamps pics. But I think it's been driven by this steroid-induced-insanity that I cannot WAIT to be done with! Yeah, I'm getting some things done because my mind is running off at ninety miles a second, but my body is having a time keeping up and I am exhausted at the end of the day! In fact, it's 8:30 in the morning and I'm already thinking about taking a nap. Seriously!

(Of course, not like I think Mokii and Max would let me have room on the bed, now!)

Anyway, at least I've only gotta do this for ten more days! And I'm tapered down to four pills a day (2 am, 2pm) today instead of six, so maybe that'll help!

So I dug out all my SU catalogs, current and past, and -- gasp -- ripped pages out of them! Okay, the current and last one weren't a biggie, I have extras of those, so I tore pages out of the extras. But I did that so I could scan the images of the stamp sets I have to put into my Index Image notebook. Actually, most of the retired stamp sets are already in there, except for the wheels and some of the backgrounds and alphabets. But I hadn't been keeping my current sets in the Image Index since they were "out" on the shelf where I could look at them. But I realized it was a pain, the way my room is set up, to have to pull out every set and see what images were in them and what I might want, and since I have this wonderful system for my unmounteds, I thought, why not extend that to my mounteds? Especially since I've quit SU and intend to gradually unmount all my stamps anyway.

Of course, it hasn't been as easy as I thought. I had a few sets I couldn't find images for (from mini catalogs, or the one I got from Australia -- shhhh, don't tell!). And then I realized I have quite a few as-yet-unmounted non-SU stamps that I haven't had a chance to "convert" yet that need index images, too. I need to buy a bunch of EZ-Mount so I can start this "little" UM-ing process. I don't mind trimming a few stamps at a time, but this will be massive!!

Then I need to go through and see what I don't yet have entered into my database of stamp images. When my grandmother was in the hospital, I took my computer and my Index Images notebook and entered every single stamp in there into a huge XL file with separate worksheets for each category, such as "Words," "Scriptures/Christian Words," "Flowers," "Backgrounds," "Children," "Oriental," etc. Every stamp went into at least one category (even if it had to be "Misc"), and most were cross-referenced into other categories. Most stamp sets I just put the name of, but there were lots of stamps I had to describe so I could differentiate when I was looking for something. Words (sentiments, etc.) were all typed out, and also Scriptures. But, of course, since then I have acquired new stamps and need to put them in, as well.

The big thing here is, I'm no XL expert, so now I've got to figure out how to translate all that into "reports" or whatever that are basically lists of everything so I can also have a just Index List of everything I have. My UM stamps are NOT sorted by any kind of category (except Alphas and Club Stamp stuff), basically I've just put them in the binders as I've gotten them. So the list is to help me know where to find that perfect flower or Scripture or whatever. Someday I may get even more anal and totally reorganize the stamps themselves, but for now, I think we'll just call this good! Assuming I ever even finish this! lol

So -- yup, nothing "creative" to show today. However, I did get in the scrapbook paper I ordered for doing Aidan's Junior Classical League/Latin Club stuff, so I am definitely hoping I will feel like scrapping later today! I do have to color my hair, that is absolute priority -- I cannot have this grayish-brown stripe down the middle of my head one more day! Besides, I have to lead worship tomorrow (I suppose I should say "get/am privileged to", but I am so wired/tired I have no idea how I'll do it -- well, yeah I do, GRACE OF GOD!!), and I can't go up there with tired, dull, faded hair, now, can I? lol

God has been SO good these last couple of days, I should mention quickly! He showed me yesterday that I need to stop STRIVING in my walk with Him and just quietly, confidently build layer upon layer. I think I can handle that! (This was amazingly profound in my life, BTW, but to write about it would take another entire chapter!!)

Off to ... nap? I hope so!

Happy weekend!!

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Peggy M. said...

If you have a massive amount of unmounteds, you might want to take a look at the hot knife made by walnut hollow. I think I got it from Sunday International. It makes it easier to cut out the EZ Mount with the stamp stuck to it--still use scissors to cut out the rubber. The website on the box that I have is It's not miraculous, but it is easier if you have a bunch to do.