Sunday, April 20, 2008

Such funkiness!

Well, we've had a ... weekend. I was going to say "busy", but realized it really wasn't all that busy. And it wasn't all that "fun" in the sense of, say, going to Six Flags or something. But it wasn't too bad. I spent the night with my mom on Friday so she wouldn't have to be alone at the toughest part of the night while my dad went on an overnight church retreat. Nighttime is when Mom and Granny used to sorta "hang out" the most, watching "House Hunters" on HGTV, and Mom helping Granny get ready for bed. So it's at night that Granny's total gone-ness really hits her. It was fun -- we watched House Hunters and talked. I love being with my Mom. She's just the greatest Mom in the world -- no specific reason, she just is! I woke up Saturday morning in the guest bed and wished I could just stay there for awhile (not the bed, but their house). It was like a mini-retreat with no cats waking me up wanting to be fed, no husband's noisy C-PAP machine ... it was lovely! But I realized I would probably miss my guys and kitties too much, so I got up, ate breakfast with Mom and went on back home where I belong!

We also watched a couple of movies -- Ratatouille and The Hunt for Red October. Yes, those are wildly polar opposites, aren't they? lol I'd never seen either (actually, none of the three of us had), and they were both very good. We also caught a Mythbusters episode on DVD, which helped with my withdrawal symptoms since they're on off-season hiatus at the moment. Dang, I love that show!

I did get some stamping in this weekend. I got a new set from Gel-a-tins called "Spring Garden" that is just so funky cool that I HAD to buy it. Of course, then I got it and looked at it and went, "Um, okay, now what do I do with this??" I had some ideas come to mind, one of which included stamping on acetate. I discovered that stamping on acetate using acrylic stamps and Staz-on isn't the easiest thing in the world. The stamps kinda want to stick to the acetate, and when you pull them off, some of the ink comes of with them. So you try, like, fourteen times until you finally get a image you can live with and vow never to do it again.

It might have been the particular acetate I was using. Or it just may be that clear acrylic stamps have trouble with acetate -- I mean, hey, they're stored on acetate when you buy them, right? They just naturally STICK TO acetate. So ... maybe a few more experiments, maybe with some other kind of ink, although I don't know what that would be, to stay on acetate ...

ANYway ... this first card was NOT done on acetate. This was the first try I had with these stamps, and I loved it! It was just done on plain white paper. I'm going to put in a link to the set here so you can see the different elements of it. I didn't color the flowers in by hand, the set comes with solid stamps in those shapes, so you just ink 'em up, stamp 'em on and voila!, you've got color in your flowers!

The background is the Createx Creations technique. Notice how the very bottom bit looks like the grass in which the flowers are growing -- I didn't plan that, but it's cool, huh? Oh, and I used Stickles on all the round bits, the bee and the leaves. The glitter brads are from Oriental Trading Company. I hate cutting things out, so I got lazy and didn't cut out every white bit -- I guess y'all can live with that, ay?

And here is the "acrylic stamps vs. acetate" card. It turned out fine, but, seriously, it was, like, the eighth image I stamped (I put all the stamps on one large acrylic block so I didn't have to stamp them all separately). I stamped the front in black Staz-on, then painted the colors on the back with Twinkling H20s. The reason the green goes way over the lines on the stems is so the green would actually show up. I have shaky hands so it was really hard to do! So, after the Twinks dried, I brushed two layers of Pearl White Lumiere across the back and let that dry. Then I punched holes in the funky green cardstock (it's from Club Scrap) to kinda mimic the circles on the flowers, and adhered a piece of pink paper to the back. Then I ran the acetate panel through my Xyron machine and stuck it on, and there you have it! More funky fresh flower fun!

I've had a weird stomach ache this afternoon so I didn't get up into the loft like I had wanted to. I played around with a new technique I learned on Mary Jo's TechnoStamper blog yesterday, involving chipboard and tissue paper, and it came out kinda cool, but I want to work with it a little more. And I still have two darned owls to color in and make into a card! And I want to scrap Aidan's JCL convention stuff from last weekend ...

SO many stamps, so little time. The cats are pestering me for supper. I suppose I'd better make them happy, the darling little fluff balls (the darling little LARD balls! lol)

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