Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Swiss dots for Mom

I had fun yesterday and the evening before making a sort of "to cheer you" card for my mother. She LOVES anything blue and white, and things old-fashioned, and pansies, so I combined all three of these into one card for her, successfully, I think. Here is the result:

The layout is from last week's Techno Stamper challenge (yeah, I'm a week behind). I used my Swiss Dots Cuttlebug folder with some of CTMH's blue cardstock (theirs has a white core, great for distressing), then gently rubbed over the dots with the "fine" side of a nail file (I couldn't find my larger distressing block) to make the dots white. I then did a "reverse layers" technique for the squares (which, because my brain hasn't been on full function since my pregnancy with Aidan fifteen years ago, was surprisingly difficult). Stamped images in the squares are from a retired SU set that actually belongs to my Mom -- I think it's called "Vintage Postcard." They're stamped in Not Quite Navy. I "watercolored" the pansies in the middle by using a water brush on them immediately after stamping them. I also used NQN for the "Floral" background stamp that is behind the strip of squares. Then I mounted the whole thing on textured white CS. Mom FLIPPED over it. It totally made her day -- she had had a rough night and was feeling pretty low, so she was thrilled to receive it.

Y'know, every once in awhile you just know God does something through you like that and it feels GOOD, huh?

That was yesterday. Then I tried to put in an SU order yesterday late afternoon and found out that SU has put a SANCTION on my ability to place online orders because I have sent in my resignation letter. I can no longer place orders online. I'm not even resigning officially until the end of the month, but that doesn't matter. Once they get that letter, you're no longer able to order online, although you're still "active" and can order over the phone. I feel like I'm being punished. There's really no reason for it other than that, that I can see. Any competent computer system can be programmed by any fifth grader to cut off one's ability to place orders on their resignation date, it's not like the system needs time to get used to the idea. The thing that makes me mad is that I'm NOT leaving SU because I don't like them anymore. I still love SU, I just don't want to be a demo anymore. I'm still making them money through the end of this month, so there's no reason to "sanction" me. Yeesh! I don't mean to be snarky about it (especially since I said that nice Christian thing in the paragraph above!!), but it actually kinda hurt my feelings, y'know? Maybe I'm just too sensitive to stuff like this. At any rate, I have two orders to put in that have tons of ink refills and ink pads, etc., and now I'm gonna have to read all those item numbers over the phone ... *sigh*

And ... I can't believe I'm admitting this ... but I'm having a smidgen of doubt about McCain for Prez. Only because I heard a report on NPR the other day that made me think he might be considering reinstating a draft if he were to become President (although they did say it could be a choice of military OR civil service). I am SO against that, having only one child, who is a boy. So I actually wrote to the McCain campaign today asking them to clarify. I hope they answer me. I don't like to be a one-issue voter, but this is pretty much a biggie to me. I told them my vote may hang in the balance, so maybe that'll get 'em going on getting me an answer!

Anyway, I hope to have time to stamp this evening, but it'll just depend on what other things are in store -- i.e. family time, etc. I need to get with the program on MJ's sketches and get caught up!

Well, happy stampin'!

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