Monday, May 05, 2008

Five-greats grandaughter of a Texian Alcalde ...

You all know I'm a native Texan. I don't know if you have any clue just HOW native, though. My g-g-g-g-g-grandfather was one of the original settlers to come to Texas with Stephen F. Austin's first colony, what is now known as the "Old Three Hundred." For those of you a little rusty on Texas history, this is THE original Texas colony, back when it was still part of Mexico, the first group of Americans the Mexicans let settle here (poor fools didn't know what a huge mistake they were making! hee hee).

SO ... today I decided to use some of my "leftover" Granny money to buy a year's subscription to's US records. I've had a subscription there before, found a TON of great family history. But today, first day on the new subscription, I hit pay dirt -- found the record of my ancestor's original land grant in the Austin Colony!! It wasn't the actual document, just a record of where it can be found, but then I decided to look it up at the Texas General Land Office website and I FOUND THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT!! I mean a scanned pdf of the original thing! And for your viewing pleasure, here is the first page:

Further on in the document, in a couple of places, are Stephen F. Austin's own signature! Apparently in Mexican official circles he went by "Estevan F. Austin" -- here's the siggy:

Is that the coolest thing, or what? My family had a direct connection to Stephen F. Austin via my 5-greats grandfather! It is true awesomeness. (In case you can't tell, I'm a pretty darned proud Texan -- always have been, even before I knew all this, and I always will be.)

Even cooler ... if I can get documentation of all my connections from my dad on back to this ancestor, that plus this land grant doco will get me admitted to the "Austin Old Three Hundred Society," the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, AND the Daughters of the American Revolution, since this guy also fought in the Revolutionary War alongside "The Swamp Fox" (Marion Fox?), a guerrilla warfare Yankee. I think that is so darned amazing!

SO ... yeah, had to share that. There is so much more interesting stuff about this guy, but I'll save that for another day :-)

I did actually stamp today, despite the fact that I've been fighting a Horrible Hormone Migraine since yesterday. None of my headache meds have helped much, so I've been suffering -- fortunately it hasn't been a go-to-bed-and-wish-Jesus-would-come-back-NOW type of headache, but it hasn't been fun. I had to get my mother-in-law's Mother's Day card made so I could mail it to her tomorrow (she lives in Arizona), so here's what I did:

Technique is "Cling & Scrunch" -- I don't remember what I used on this, I think it was Rainbow Mist sprays (or whatever they're called -- by the Twinks people). Stamps are SU. I stamped the swirl in Versamark and embossed with Aged Mahogany Distress EP, then rubbed it to distress it, like you're supposed to do. The word "Cherish" is stamped in Bravo Burgundy Craft ink (SU) and embossed with High Gloss EP (from my LSS). It's a semi-CASE of one of my own cards, but with a migraine I just couldn't come up with anything terribly original. I loved the original, and I figured it was worthy of her. She's a very special lady, and has overcome two mastectomies, plus thyroid tumors, and also has a kind of very slow-growing lukemia (I think that's what it is ... it has a specific name that I can't remember). She is definitely an overcomer and we're blessed to have her!

So, okay, gotta run get to bed. I bought two new Christian fiction books today and I can't wait to get started on one!

Oh ... my Granny Grief has really kicked in. I was kinda numb there for about a month or so, but just the other day things started to hit me hard ... random stuff. She, my mother and I are all three allergic to wheat, so we have these wheat-free frozen waffles we just LOVE. One version of them is made with flax, and she and I both love those. I ran out of my own waffles the other day, and so my mom gave me a box she had in her freezer. Mom writes the dates on food so she'll know when it's no longer fresh. The date on this box was pre-Granny's fall. It was Granny's last box of waffles. She didn't get to finish them. She LOVED those waffles. So I went to get one out the other night and that just hit me. So I sat there and bawled the whole time I was eating the waffle.

So, yeah, I'm glad Granny is at peace and no longer suffering. But at the same time, I really, really want my Granny back.

Peace out...


LaVerne said...

Beautiful card, but even yet, beautiful words for your granny. Those memories are what keep our love ones alive for ourselves and others.

Leonie Schroder - TotallyAddinktive said...

Oh my Stacey how awesome you found that document - and what great heritage you have there - oh and I do love the card too! I've often wondered about joining but then wondered if it was worth it.

Oh and you've been tagged mwah -