Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Joy and glad tidings!

I have even more good news tonight (or day or whatever it is in your neck of the, um, world) ... my atrial fibrillations are apparently caused by my mitral valve prolapse (heart murmur), and are, therefore, not anything to really worry about! My cardio said for me just to stay on the meds he put me on, and I can do a recheck in six months, plus he wants me to have the echocardiagram (ultrasound on my heart) every two years or so because there is some leakage through the valve, and he just wants to make sure it doesn't get worse. So I am VERY VERY happy to know that it's all just kinda "normal" for an MVP person, and that, unless it were to make a significant change in pattern or whatever, there are no worries!!

Somehow the sky just seemed bluer and the grass and trees greener after that!! Thank you SO much to all of you who were praying for me. I know God was listening -- who knows but what your prayers caused Him to heal something that was a problem!

Okay, so back to the craft loft renovation. I promised yesterday that I would show the Pegboard Progression. We're putting pegboard on all the walls, even though much of it will be covered up with shelves and the desk, etc. I will have lots of pegboard space above the shelves on the "tall wall," which is where I really wanted it in the first place. We had thought about putting bead boarding on the rest of the walls, but it was much more expensive, and it'll be mostly covered up, anyway, so there was little point of doing that.

The first thing we had to do was paint the pegboard a cream color (more the color of a pale latte). The rest of the walls in our living area -- from which the loft is visible -- are rough paneling that's been stained that color, so we decided we needed to make the pegboard blend in color-wise, instead of keeping it white. So after cutting the boards into the right sizes, they got painted. (I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention to who was painting them -- Bjorn, Aidan and my dad were all involved in doing things that evening, and I was again spending time with the ancestors.)

After the two coats of paint were dried, we had to put a sort-of "framing" of narrow wood strips on the backs of the pegboard panels so they would stand out from the wall a bit. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to stick the hooks, etc., in the holes, which would effectively negate the whole point of having pegboard! (BTW, notice how I said "we" -- like I had anything to do with it!) My dad and Aidan did that while Bjorn came down and had his well-earned dinner.
(That's my dad)

(This is The Teenager very helpfully measuring things -- he does it all in centimeters. Show off.)

So here's a pic of the first panel after it's been screwed on. We haven't yet done the Tall Wall (we have to finish the last little bit of flooring), and there's a bit of a gap on the wall where the desk goes that we have to patch. Then there's the moulding that we're going to have to put in after we stain it to go with the dark tops of the half-walls and the built-in shelves (that 70s dark wood stain). But we're making progress!

This evening we went to Lowe's to get the moulding, and we also bought two new wall sconces to replace the very 70s ones that were in there before. It was a bit of a whim, but I decided I was very tired of the sort-of bronze cylinder and amber glass globes. I picked something more "traditional" -- I'll have to take a picture of them when we get them up, as I'm not good at describing things like this!

So we didn't make any "construction progress" tonight, but we'll be able to tomorrow, now, and hopefully really roll toward the finish line. There are a couple of things that we'll have to work on after we get everything else finished and my stuff back in (especially figuring out what to do with the two steps that go down into the loft), but I am going to stay on Bjorn until it's completely done!

Well, I'm falling asleep as I type! The stress test nearly killed me. I was supposed to get my heart rate up to 145, but at 138 I knew there was no way in heck I could keep going. I felt like I was having to race-walk up Mt. Doom with a host of Mordor orcs following close on my heels to keep me at speed, and I decided to let Frodo go on without me. They were able to get the info they needed, though (the doc and nurse, not the orcs), and everything was fine. But I am totally wiped out and a bit sore in my gluteus maximus and points south. The nurse told me there were 80 year old men who could go longer than me. Well, good for them! Maybe when I'm 80 I can do it, too!

So tomorrow I'll show you the guys putting in the wood laminate flooring. (Hey, what else am I gonna show you until I can get back in there and stamp again???) Until then, I hope YOU have a very crafty day!

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