Thursday, May 22, 2008

No whining this time! Really!

Okay, so I realize that my last entry was a little ... shall we say, whiney. Let's chalk it up to me having a really bad week. This week I "only" have a sinus infection (well, the same one paying me another visit). So, once again I don't have anything to show you. But that's also partly because I've got the craft loft semi-disassembled. On Monday, before I got feeling too bad, I dragged all my white-plastic-3-drawer-units out of there and into my bedroom. I never realized how many of those I have! One 12"x12", a few jillion 8-1/2" x 11" ones, and a few dozen smaller ones. (Okay, I exaggerate there, but only a little!) I think I got some serious calorie burning going there before I was finished! Of course, then the next day I felt too bad to do anything but sit on the couch with my computer and spend time with a bunch of dead relatives all day. (For those of you who are freaking at this point, I'm talking about spending the day on So I've pretty much spent the week with dead relatives, and my craft loft is still half-full (or more) and in desperate need of being emptied so we can rip out that orange shag!!!

We're planning on doing that this weekend, since it's a long one and we have access to the teenager (we always have access to him, but somehow on weekends we can commandeer him more easily). I already am having craft-loft-withdrawal issues, even though I don't really feel like making anything. So we have GOT to finish this soon! I have tons of new stamps to try out from Art Neko and Ma Vinci's Reliquary, Artistic Outpost, Onyx Impressions, etc., etc., etc. And the other day I found some uber-cool TEXAS-themed stamps that I MUST HAVE ... but you can only get them from LSSs, or order a paper catalog from the manufacturer, Deadbeat Designs in Salado, TX. Salado is only a couple of hours away from here, but I don't know when I'm gonna feel like driving for that long, AND it's up I-35, which I DESPISE driving on (there's always construction, and there are always big mini-SUV devouring trucks flying by and squishing all non-18-wheeled traffic to the side of the road, into the construction barriers). So I ordered the catalog, and I'm hoping to get it soon. The only huge drawback for me is that I think they only come wood-mounted, so that makes them doubly expensive, and I'll only end up un-mounting them. But, hey, if you gotta have it, you gotta have it! It's about TEXAS, fellow-babies!!

Anyway, actually I think I do still have those gift bags to show y'all, but since I seem to be glued to the couch and the camera is in the other room ... I'll try to get to that next time!

Oh, update on my home stamp-making machine ... I still haven't got it yet, and I ordered it at the end of April. The company I ordered it from (ooooh, that was bad grammar!) said they had run out of them, and that they had asked their supplier to drop ship mine directly, but that didn't happen (I should have gotten it last week), so I e-mailed the online store owner, and she apologized and promised to make sure it happened this week. It is Thursday and I haven't gotten it yet. I did get a cryptic e-mail message tonight from one of those sort-of anonymous shipping places (this one was Endicia) saying they are shipping my package, but I have no idea what package this is. Since I think I've gotten everything else that I've ordered lately, I'm hoping this is the stamp maker. Otherwise I'll have to e-mail her again and get a little more firm about it, which I hate to do because I'm a pretty nice person, really.

So, anyway, whatever. I'm off to take care of laundry now because my dryer is buzzing at me and threatening to devour all my socks and underwear if I don't come get the stuff out of it. *SIGH* A woman's work is never done, ay?

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