Thursday, May 01, 2008

Still no craftiness ... but a great link!

Well, I'm still suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous steroid withdrawal, so I haven't been doing anything terribly creative lately to show off. I haven't even felt like trying out my new hot knife on my unmounting scheme to see if it's going to save me time and effort yet. *SIGH*

BUT all is not lost! I have been putting my "slug time" to use and working more on categorizing/cataloging my stamps. I'm almost finished with my index lists!! I'm hoping to finish printing them out tonight. I know I don't have every single stamp on the list -- there are a few retired SU stamps that I haven't yet unmounted that didn't make it on there, and my non-SU mounted stamps that I was planning to get to this week aren't there yet, either, but those can be handwritten in after printing, I'm not that picky. Also, I need to make index images of several alphabets, including all the ones in my alphabet binder, but that will take time and I don't have the energy at the moment. I'm thinking I'll just do the "ABC" of each of those rather than the entire set.

Anyway, while I was bored and web surfing today I ran across a site I had posted in my awhile back called It's got several really great articles on scrap-life organizing (i.e., not just about scrapBOOK organizing), and I ran across one that COULD revolutionize my life if I would actually do it. It's this one: Got Photos? Packing Page Kits from Photos to Finished. Brothers and sisters, this woman has it figured OUT! I have always thought people who actually "plan" pages and put the stuff together in a page file to be a bit ... un-spontaneous, you know? Kinda, oh, like the opposite of "art" or something. Planned. Calculated. ORGANIZED, for cryin' out loud! That ain't how I scrapbook, huh uh. I sit down with photos, stare at them for hours, pick a color scheme, get some cardstock and PP, arrange and rearrange the CS, PP and photos about 1000 times, crop photos, decide I don't like how I arranged it and really wish I HADN'T cropped that photo that way, finally stick things down and then go hunting for embellies. At the end I remember I was gonna do some major journaling, only now I don't have room so I have to be "creative" in my journaling block and make it interactive or something. Or be brief. And the result of all this is supposed to be a beautiful, spontaneous, heartfelt work of art that captures exactly all the emotion and meaning of the photos and the memories involved. Sometimes that works. More often than not I go, "Um, yeah. Okay, it's alright." And then I put it in my album and it's six months before I do another page because it is EXHAUSTING to think of going through that again soon!

So this little system ... picking out your photos, your paper, your embellies and whatever, planning your journaling, and putting it all together in a file for when you're ready, even if you're not going to do the page(s) any time soon ... I mean, how awesome is that? Just think, you spend a weekend putting together a bunch of these little kits, and then the next time you want to scrap something, just go to the ol' scrap loft, grab a kit and go! We are talking get some MAJOR amounts of scrapping done!

I want to do this. Really really. All I need is to get my energy and brain back from the stupid steroid withdrawal thing and I think I could. It's actually pretty exciting!

So, okay, speaking of the steroids thing, I went to my doc today and she was SO sweet and concerned and listened to every single weird symptom, and she's doing blood tests to check for a bunch of things that could have gotten knocked out of whack, everything from adrenal gland function to electrolytes to kidney and liver function, acidosis, all kinds of things that might have really been kicked out of balance. Knowing me every single test will come back totally negative and I will just have to ride this out until it's over (like, 2010?), but I am SO hoping there is something that can be done to get me my energy and my life back! She doesn't want me to get stressed, and she doesn't even want me to drive very far (because my ability to concentrate is really just not very good at the moment!). I'm just a total mess.

Anyway, the worst "side effect" of this is that I DO have the energy for online shopping, and a little "fun money", and that is SO not a good combination. Several stamp companies have benefited from my condition over the last couple of days! I did learn a valuable lesson about "grab bags", though -- I'm not the kind of person who should buy them. I got one from Stamp Francisco, and while I LOVE their stuff, I didn't love what I got. I'm not a brave, collage-y type person, though.

Well, now that I have written a novella, I will go and get back to my stamp cataloging. And then one magic day I will be WELL and I can get back to doing wonderful and artsy-craftsy things with all those lovely, lonely stamps!!

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