Saturday, May 03, 2008

Swing shift

Wow, has today been different! I've swung from lethargic and half-dead to being incredibly hyper. In general I'm feeling MUCH better, although the hyper thing is a little annoying (my hands are ridiculously shaky!). So, yeah, I'll take this over slugness any day!

The coolness of it is that I spent time in the loft today and MADE A CARD!! One of my former customers has commissioned me to make graduation cards for two of her grandchildren, so I got the first one done today. If I may say so myself, I'm pretty proud of it.

This one is for the granddaughter who is graduating from the University of Texas. For those of you who might not be familiar with UT, its main color is burnt orange. Don't ask me why, it's a hideous color (in my opinion), but there ya go. Fortunately I was able to scrounge some "burnt orange" (actually Real Rust) paper from SU's "Apple Cider" designer paper that was in the (I think) Holiday Mini last year, which really helped soften the harshness of the orange color. (Okay, you UT fans can stop yelling at me for hating orange. It's just not my favorite color. I graduated from Arizona State, but have no "allegiance" as it were. If I have to have an "allegiance" it would be for Texas Tech because my parents both went there and they are pretty big fans.)

ANYway. This is called a "coat card", since it has a little coat around it! Hey, I didn't think it up, I'm just tellin' ya what it's called. It's a technique I got from Splitcoast Stampers. I used the Great Grads SU set, which I really love because it is SO much more sophisticated than the ones they've had in the recent past.

Here's what it looks like opened. The inside bit is the actual card. I embossed the word "grad" with High Gloss embossing powder that I got a a local scrap store, so it's really shiny.

And here is a little "extra" I threw in for fun. I saw this stamp at Seaside Stamping Ink online and thought it was the coolest sentiment! But when I made the card there was nowhere to put it, so I decided I'd just make the girl a tag with it on there. I know the flower on the tag obscures part of the word "Instructions", but I just had to put something frufy on it. It was a bit stark otherwise. I stamped on a white paper flower with a TAC stamp, then took another paper flower and sponged Real Rust on the petals. I layered those, stuck a large Pumpkin colored brad through the middle, then stuck the whole thing on. I hope the honored graduate will like the tag and use it as a bookmark or something.

So, yay! Joy and happiness! I know, it's National Scrapbooking Day and I didn't scrap, but I don't like those made-up Designated Days anyway. Just an industry marketing ploy to get people to buy more stuff, really. Okay, alot of people love going to the crops and stuff, so that's okay, but I just don't like the sort-of manipulation of NSD and National Cardmaking Day. Makes me feel rebellious. Okay, gripe over!

(Time for a sheepish confession ... when I got up this morning there was an ad in my e-mail from Oh My Crafts -- as there is practically every day -- with NSD sales on Cricut cartridges. I bought three. Hey, I got 10% off the order because it was NDS, so I suppose I shouldn't gripe about it!)

Okay, I'm gonna run over and show my mother my card and just say Hi. Hope everybody has a great rest of the weekend!


Shelly Schmidt said...

Great card and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this sentiment! It is wonderful! Glad you are feeling a bit better- I guess hyper is better than lethargic.......

Stacy said...

Thanks, Shelly!

I think hyper is better ... mostly. At least I get things done! lol