Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tired of being the Drama Queen (LONG!)

So, I do apologize for not writing for nearly two weeks! I didn't realize it had been that long. I have made a couple of things since then, though I haven't downloaded the gift bags for the graduation cards from my camera yet.

However, I can show you the second graduation card I made for my customer. This particular grandson of hers goes to a school whose colors are teal and white, thus the choice of color.
I used a combination of stamps from Stampin' Up!, Cornish Heritage Farms (the sheet of paper background stamp) and Rubberstamp Avenue (the tassel). The numbers are chipboard that I coated in SU teal pigment ink, then embossed in high gloss embossing powder. No special techniques, really, other than just watermark stamping (the tassel and the words on the silver shimmer CS) and embossing (the numbers and the first tassel).

And I did make my mom's Mother's Day card! I was looking through my e-mail on Saturday morning and someone had posted a Double Pocket card, and I thought VOILA! That's what I'll make for my mom! So I used some double-sided paper I got at Michaels the other day when they had all their paper pads on sale for 40% off (and I can't remember the brand and it's late and I'm too tired to go upstairs to see what it is). The dark blue flowers are very shiny, but it doesn't show up well in the pic. I also used stamps by Onyx Expressions (this company is so cool -- their stamps are BLACK rubber!) and Club Stamp. And I used my Cricut! The flowers on one of the tags came from my "A Walk in My Garden" cartridge and the word "Mom" came from my "Jasmine" one. So here are images of that card:

As I mentioned above, I also made gift bags to put the graduation cards in, at the request of my customer. Got those done Friday, and took pics of them, but haven't got them on the computer yet.

The main reason I didn't post this week was because ... well, I didn't feel like it. I spent Saturday night (6:30pm to Sunday 1:00am) in the emergency room with my heart going nuts. I actually had this for ten minutes on Friday afternoon, but didn't do anything about it. It started up again on Saturday and would not stop. So Bjorn took me in to the nearby urgent care place, and they hooked me up to an EKG and said I was having "atrial fibrillation" -- my heart rate was 150 and my two upper heart chambers had totally forgotten what a heart rhythm was, they were just fluttering all over the place. It totally freaked me out. So the guy at the urgent care called an ambulance and they took me to the ER at the same hospital where my grandmother died! (It's a good hospital, but I didn't want to go there because of the memories.) Long story not so long, they said I didn't have the "dangerous" kind of a-fib (i.e., there are some kinds of them that have a dangerous rhythm that can be life-threatening), but that if the a-fib went on too long it could cause small blood clots in my heart, and those could break free and travel to my brain, causing a stroke! Comforting thought, that. (NOT!) Fortunately my heart stopped doing that on its own after about 2-1/2 hours (just before they were going to give me some meds to try to level it out).

They did bloodtests and a chest x-ray, which all came back looking okay. My electrolytes and potassium levels were low, which they said could have caused it, so they made me drink this incredibly nasty potassium stuff in some orange juice that had to have been the worst thing I've ever tasted! They gave me a prescription for Lopressor (I think it's a beta blocker?) to slow my heart rate down, then sent me home with instructions to see a cardiologist on Monday or Tuesday. (They had one in mind, he had been in the ER while I was there.)

Monday I went to the cardio and he said there are lots of causes of a-fib, and that sometimes they never find the cause at all. He said taking decongestants can cause it, for people like me who have mitral valve prolapse. It could be anything from that to the low potassium to something like heart disease. So they're running tests on me to see if they can determine what it was/is. I had a sonogram while I was there to double check on the mitral valve prolapse. My heart had been doing some skipping (pretty normal for MVP), and it was weird to watch it on the monitor -- the little valve would just stop for a second, then resume like nothing had happened! Today I'm wearing a holter monitor, which is like a mini-EKG that I have to wear around for 24 hours. I'm supposed to record in a little journal if anything abnormal happens. And on the 28th I go in for a stress test. I am NOT looking forward to that!!

The doc also said I won't die if it happens again (unfortunately, once you've had it, it often becomes recurring), and that I can wait as long as six hours or so to go to the ER if it keeps up that long. I don't think I could wait that long, because it is a REALLY WEIRD feeling, and it makes me panicky. I'm thinkin' maybe four hours? Maybe. And up until just a few minutes ago I hadn't had another fibrillation thing, but just as I was starting to write this I had an 8-9 second one. So that was pretty depressing. I do NOT want to do this again. I do NOT want to have to go to the ER again. I'm sick of having things wrong with me. I had to ride in an ambulance back in December when I got dehydrated from that gastrointestinal flu, and I had to do it Saturday night, and I do NOT want to do that again. Even if Bjorn just took me in, I do NOT want to have to go to the ER again!! I'm ready to just be NORMAL and HEALTHY for awhile!!!!!

I wouldn't even let Bjorn tell his folks about this. I know they would be sweet and understanding about it, but I am SO embarrassed about it. They're Norwegians, and Norwegians are healthy even when they're not. And I've had to leave their cabin in an ambulance twice now (there was another time years ago when I had a panic attack because of a new med I was on, and didn't know what it was and we all thought it might be a heart attack), and I just feel like Miss Drama Queen because of all this. I know, I know, I couldn't help it, but still. It's just humiliating.

So, it's off to bed now, and I hope I don't have ANY MORE stinkin' fibrillations. None tonight, none tomorrow, no more ever! I just want my heart to get a dadgum clue and beat like it's supposed to. I'm very, very tired of drama.

Anyway, so this weekend I'm hoping we can get the stuff moved out of my craft loft so we can strip out the nasty orange shag carpet and the nasty orange "velvet" wallpaper and put in the nice wood laminate we got on sale and the pegboard and whatever else we get to cover the walls that are normally covered by my shelf-cube units and my desk. But I'm going to be taking things as easy as I can. Danged a-fib.

Off to bed ...


Lynn said...

Still love visiting your blog. I am the one that bought the pieces of cut SU paper from you long ago. Loved them all. Your cards are so beautiful. They inspire me to be creative. Hey, check out my blog:

Lynn MaGill

Stacy said...

Glad to see you, Lynn! I remember you. I totally appreciate the compliment about my cards! (she says as she is blushing!)

'American Dreamer' said...

Hi Stacy!
Or should I say, Hi Cuz!
I love your blog, you're so incredibly special.
Thank you so much for visiting my site and for the email.
Hope to keep in touch.
Love you...