Sunday, June 22, 2008

Friends, Romans, Latin Students ...

I actually got around to scrapbooking this past week!! Well, one page was mostly finished, I just had to fix a small error in my Latin grammar ;-), but the other is totally from scratch. Sadly, I don't feel I can show the second one, since it's full of students' names and I don't feel comfortable posting it on a public blog. I'll try to describe it in a sec, though.

Here's the first page:

My son is in the Junior Classical League at his school (sorta like Latin & Greek club, only more involved), and his school's team qualified to go to the State Convention this year and compete in the Certamen ("Ker-TAH-men" - think team quiz show, but all about Latin language and Roman history/mythology/etc.), as well as the kids getting to compete in individual competitions and tests. His Certamen team (of which he was the captain) came in 6th out of several hundred teams, and he did extremely well in his individual stuff -- first places and Summa Cum Laudes. (I'm his mom, I get to brag!) So this page is the "team" page. Trying to be witty, I decided to do a take on the Cogito ergo sum phrase ("I think, therefore I am"), changing it to, "I think, therefore I win." So I asked my husband, who has a pretty good knowledge of Latin, how to say that. (Aidan wasn't home at the time or I would've asked him.) So Bjorn told me it was "Cogito ergo vici." Completely trusting wife that I am, I ran up to the craft loft and cut out the letters and shadows for those words on my Cricut and dutifully glued them on the page around the photos. Then I stamped the translation of the first two words, and for fun I decided to write "I win!" in gold paint pen on the bottom photo, since they were holding the trophy in this photo. When Aidan got home I showed it to him, and he smiled and said it was awesome, then looked a little funny and said, "But it doesn't say, 'I win', Mom." Puzzled, I asked him what he meant. "The word 'vici' means 'I won' or 'I conquered' -- it's past-tense." My shoulders immediately slumped. There was no way to make the word "win" on my page into "won" without it being totally obvious that I had screwed it up and had to correct it. And there was no way to change the Latin word "vici" into the correct grammatical form since it was a longer word and would have covered up the photo! Of course, the obvious "fix" was just to print out "I won" on a small piece of paper and stick it over the goof-up (which I ended up doing, except I stamped it instead of printing it), but I was so bummed!! "I think, therefore I win!" sounds so much better than, "I think, therefore I won!" Ah, well. A small thing, but you know how perfectionist we scrappers can be about our pages!!

The second page uses a PP with "Bohemia"-style crowns all over it (shades of green, white and black) as the base. Aidan's Latin and Greek teacher had sent out an e-mail with all the kids' accomplishments throughout the year in the various JCL tournaments, and it was just perfectly laid out for a scrapbook page! Except that Aidan had been in quite a few things, and the way the pages were laid out, it ended up being three pages long (not ALL Aidan stuff, I did some major editing-out). So I printed the JCL logo very lightly on three pages of 8-1/2" x 11" cardstock (landscape), then printed the accomplishments list over the three pages. I did do a lot of editing, as I said, and cut out the other kids on the individual stuff, but there were plenty of team events that listed all the kids on the team, and I didn't want to leave them out. Anyway, I trimmed those pages down as much as I could, then mounted them on the base page as flip-up pages so that they took up less space, but could still be read. Then I used the Cricut "Locker Talk" cartridge and printed out a banner that says "Accomplishments" in green Basic Grey paper over gold metallic shadow. Under that I printed out "Aidan 9th Grade JCL" on the sort-of flip-up "anchor" strip of the top page. It's kinda simple, but you don't really need much on a page like that, so I think it worked well.

I did a third page yesterday, but I haven't scanned and stitched it yet, so that will have to wait for another day. I also have another card to scan or photograph (it has pearl brads, so probably photo) to show, but, again, it will have to wait. My mom is waiting for us to come over for Sunday Scrounge Dinner, and I'm hungry!


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