Friday, June 13, 2008

Home is where your art is ...

... which, fortunately for me, is deep in the heart of Texas! I FINALLY got around to finishing an actual card! This is the "inaugural" card of my newly refurbished craft loft, so I thought it somewhat appropriate that it ended up being about HOME.

The stamps (there are actually three of them, it isn't one big stamp) are from Deadbeat Designs up the road a piece in Salado, TX. They (actually, as far as I know it's one guy who designs these) don't have the website fully up and running yet, but you can purchase a catalog from them for $5. It's well worth the money -- he personally decorates the envelope he sends it to you in, and mine was gorgeous! Their mailing address is on their website. And they have more than just Texas-themed stamps, for those of you who may not share my enthusiasm for the Lone Star State!

The background behind the swirls and star is a Technique Junkies tech called "Metallic Alcohol Roll". I stamped the images with SU Black Craft ink (which was a bit thick -- the circle is supposed to have a thin circle just inside the thick one) then embossed with clear High Gloss EP. The striped paper is from SU's "Outlaw" PP, which is retired now. The "leather" paper at the bottom, and the ribbon, are from Club Scrap. The black CS is also SU. I don't know where the copper CS came from.

The word "home" was cut out of the same Metallic Alcohol Roll background using the Home Accent Cricut cartridge (it has the word "home", not individual letters), and the scallop edge was done with a (cough cough) Martha Stewart punch. All in all I really like this card, and I might just end up framing it!

I tell ya, I'm having trouble getting things done this summer. It's not because of my health. It's not because of housework (you know better than that -- that's one of the things that's NOT getting done). It's no longer because the craft loft is in chaos, because that's not true anymore. It's because Aidan bought a Wii with some of the money my grandmother left him, and I have succumbed to Wii-dom. Not his Zelda game. That one I will sometimes watch him play, but that's his own thing. The Wii sports are a blast, but they wear me out before long. What's hogging my time is Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones!! TOO much fun. We bought another Wii-mote and a Nunchuck (aka "Sister Charlie"), and so we've been playing two-player. I'm not all that great at it -- I think probably 70% of the time my character is facing the wrong way when it comes time to defend against the bad guys, but it's just so fun. Occasionally, though, Aidan will say, "Mom, you need to log off here and let me do this part alone or we'll never get through it." *SIGH* Oh, well, we're really having fun together, so that's great!

Well, I'll close tonight with another picture from the guys' trip to New York/Washington D.C. This one is Aidan looking out from the top floor (not the 86th, but the very top) of the Empire State Building.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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Shar said...

Love the warmth of this card! Creates a cozy feeling right off.