Thursday, June 12, 2008

Um ... sorry about going AWOL!!

I have no real idea why. Life has been just fine, but busy, and every time I would sit down to blog, I just couldn't quite make my fingers do the talking, as it were. So I totally apologize to my two or three faithful readers, and promise to try to do better in future!!

My craft loft is 99% finished. Enough finished so that I did "reload" it last week. I got almost all the stuff back in on Tuesday, but since Bjorn and Aidan went out of town on their "guys only" vacation, I decided to spend the days they were away to CLEAN house. Well, most of it. After I got all the craft stuff back out of my bedroom I realized how badly it needed de-cluttering and dusting, so I did that on Wednesday. Thursday I decided that Aidan's room HAD to be cleaned, de-cluttered and dusted, so I did that for him (brave woman that I am). I nearly choked to death on the dust, and I was even wearing a dust mask! But it was worth it to get things in there liveable! Friday I did my desk in the office and the "common areas" in there (no was was I about to touch either Bjorn's or Aidan's desks), and Saturday I did a whole bunch of general house de-cluttering. I did not, alas, get around to dusting the living room, etc., nor did I get a chance to try out the new Shark Steam Mop I bought Saturday morning to use on our tile floors. But all-in-all the house is MUCH cleaner than it's been in eons, and I felt really good about the work I got done.

Aidan and Bjorn had a fantastic time on their jaunt to the Northeast. Bjorn had a business meeting in New Jersey on Wednesday, so he took Aidan with him, and on Thursday they spent the day in New York City, then in the evening took Amtrak to Washington, D.C. Friday and Saturday they spent their time in various museums -- mostly the Air and Space Museum (on Saturday they went out to the Big Hangar out near Dulles Int'l Airport to see the Concorde and various other aircraft too big for the museum building that's in town), the Natural History Museum, the National Archives, the Spy Museum, that sort of thing. They did a "quick monument run" on Saturday evening, just as a storm was blowing in, and got some awesome pictures. Here's one of them:

So I haven't taken any pics yet of my refurbished craft loft, but I'll try to get to that tomorrow. I haven't even done any crafting of any real significance in there yet. Did a little minor stamping today, but didn't have time to finish a card. I've been so tired this week from all the housework last week! (My excuse, anyway.) But I've got so many new stamps to play with, plus a new Technique Junkies newsletter to try out, so I need to get back into the groove.

I'll leave you with a pic or two of the guys laying the wood laminate floor. I'm not sure how wise an idea it was to put this flooring down -- for one thing, now I have to be more careful what I spill, and for another, when I barely move my chair I go flying across the room! I think I need to get a plastic floor mat to go under the chair so I don't end up hurling myself over the edge of the loft!

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