Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Confessions ...

First of all, I have to confess I have no pictures to show today. I've had a migraine for three days (I promise I'm not trying to copy you, Mary Jo!!), and haven't even looked in the general direction of the craft loft, much less entered to make anything. I do have a couple of cards I haven't shown you yet, but I haven't scanned them yet and migraines are NOT conducive to playing with imaging programs.

Fortunately the migraine has abated, and now I'm just left with the "medicine hangover", which makes me grumpy.

So I have some confessions to make today, after spending hours browsing other people's blogs, looking at my own e-mails, shopping online, etc.

- I can shop online, even with a migraine. I discovered a stamp store that had lots of Asian images and, yes, bought stuff, even though I already have a ton of Asian images I haven't used yet, and even though I really shouldn't be spending that money.

- I don't get the whole rage with "hand drawn" looking stamps. They aren't quite "cutesy" (well, most of them), but they just leave me flat. And yet they're the huge "in" thing right now. What am I missing? Why don't I get it? Is there something wrong with me? Actually, I'm not too disturbed that I don't get it, but I just wish I knew what it was I wasn't getting.

- I don't understand the whole rage with coloring stamped images. But I will confess this is because I'm coloring-challenged and jealous of all the people who know how to make their coloring look good. I stamp because I'm NOT an artist, at least drawing-wise, and I don't know the first thing about "shading" and "highlighting" so I want my stamps to do that for me. And now all of a sudden I'm supposed to have all these Copic markers and be an artist and know just how to make my stamped images look like I drew them by hand and watercolored them. Thank goodness for tutorials! Maybe I'll manage to learn a little bit.

- I don't like "chain mail" e-mails. I don't like being told that if I forward this e-mail to x number of people I'll be blessed, have an "in" with God (I already have that through Christ, thank you), I'll know who my true friends are, etc. Some of these e-mails have great sentiments, but be forewarned: If you send me one, I may or may not read it, and I definitely will not be forwarding it on. (I'm sorry, I got, like, three of these today and it exasperated me even though I dearly love the people who sent them to me.)

- I will never, ever be able to stop spending money on rubber/clear stamps and accessories. It's a horrible addiction (horrible because I really am not a millionaire who can afford to do this), and it causes strife in my marriage and yet I can't seem to stop. If I could stop we could have nicer home decor and things of that nature. Or maybe we could have more money in our retirement fund. Instead I have a whole craft loft stuffed full of things I don't use nearly as much as I should.

So those are a few of my confessions for today. I probably just offended everybody on the planet, but since everybody on the planet doesn't even know I exist, much less read my insignificant little blog, then I'm not too worried, though I DON'T want to lose my 17 subscribers. I do love you all!

I will end on an upbeat note. If you have stuck with me through this post, I'll reward you with a link to a really fun non-stamping blog called "It's Lovely, I'll Take It" that I found through the New Zealand Herald yesterday. It's not a New Zealand blog, but someone had posted a picture from the blog on the "Sideswipe" feature in the Herald. It's a blog dedicated to poor choices in pictures that people put on their real estate listings, and it is both funny and scary. I spent an hour and a half looking at it even with a migraine yesterday, so you have to know it's good!

Tomorrow I have my periodic checkup with the neurologist (boy, will we have a thing or two to talk about, like why none of my meds seem to work these days), and Friday I get to go have my allergy skin tests done (woot -- not). Hopefully I'll also find some time to do some stamping! Or at least to scan the card(s) I have to show you!

Thanks for putting up with my post-migraine gripes!


Niki said...

I know exactly what you mean about the chain e-mails. In my book, that does not constitute keeping in touch. Yet, that's all I get from some "friends."

I don't get the line drawing stamps either. And while I do love my Twinkling H2O's, they don't turn out looking like an artist's work.

I have to stay out of the on-line stores or I end up with way too much spending. My goal for the summer "was" to use what I have. But, last night I "needed" a pair of scissors with just the right wave design, so went to Michaels and Archivers. Had coupons at both, so that justifies the purchases. After all, I saved money!

Hope the migraines ease up. I know they're miserable.


Lynn said...

I am with you on the spending part. I don't have the money and yet I always see something I need or have to have.

I like to use watercolor pencils and go around the outline of the image then take my watercolor brush and blend it into the rest of the image. It then looks like shading.

I will always stay as a faithful subscriber. Nothing you ever says offends me.

SherylH said...

Hi Stacy -- I got to your blog from TJs and see I will be adding it to my favorites list :) When I read this entry, all I could say was "right on" particularly about the hand-drawn imagery. It seems even some of the larger "well-known" companies are jumping on the bandwagon. To each his own, but they don't do a thing for me. And those chain emails promising good or bad luck based on passing them on ....grrrr. Anyway, my rant for the day is through. Hope to see more of your great work although I have to admit I am terrible about reading blogs but not leaving comments (mainly because I don't have a blog of my own and have to sign into blogger each time and I didn't like using anonymous all the time)


Stacy said...

Hi, Sheryl! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm flattered that you're putting me in your favorites. Don't worry too much about not commenting (although once in awhile would be nice ;-) ). I whine about people not commenting in my blog, but then I'm not the best about commenting in other people's, either. Well, "smaller" blogs I will, but not so much the mega-blogs.

Hi to Lynn and Niki, too! (Waves) I'm glad y'all are around!