Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No Mojo today ...

But I did have some yesterday, as I mentioned, so I will show you one of those cards. I decided the second one needs tweaking somehow, so I'll have to doctor it up a bit before I think it's ready for its' debut on the world stage.

So here's the one that's ready to show off:
I was using an old PageMaps: CardMaps gate-fold sketch, and I thought one of the stamps from my Verve Stamps "Filigree Fantasy" set would look perfect as a sort-of medallion on the circle bit. And then I figured I needed some appropriately matching paper, so I dug out the "Enchante" DP from SU (that has long been retired, but I haven't used mine up yet), and this is what I created. It looked a little bare when I finished, though, the greens being all pale and only using that teeny touch of plum. So I used a swirl from my Autumn Leaves/Rhonna Farrar flourishes set, inked up in Perfect Plum, to stamp a little "interest" over on the left panel. (The Verve filigree is stamped in Mellow Moss, BTW.) If you look closely, you can see a little faux stitching along the long sides of the left panel, as well. I did that by inking up a CutterBee perforating wheel with Perfect Plum Craft Ink and running it along the edges hard enough to lay down the ink but not hard enough to actually perforate anything. It's not the straightest "stitching" in the world, but then if I used my actual sewing machine, it wouldn't be, either!

Of course, are these colors any closer to Autumn colors than anything else I've made recently? NO!!! I have GOT to get out of my Spring/Summer mode and scooch on over into Fall/Winter; Thanksgiving/Christmas for the craft fair in October. I made a background using the old SU "Pumpkin Patch" Spectrum pad tonight, but then I just sat and stared at it. Nothing wonderful popped into my head, no great flashes of inspiration. *SIGH* I did make a card for the TechnoStamper challenge this week, but I'll save showing that until tomorrow. The window part was tough, so I decided I wouldn't be making multiples of it to sell at the fair.

Other than that, it's been a pretty useless day. I've been so tired (still from the sinus infection?), and have just had the "don't wanna's" today. About all I've done is hang out and wait for the promised rain bands from Hurricane Dolly (that haven't really arrived yet, although we've had some clouds and a sprinkle or two), and I did manage to shop for my grand-niece's birthday at Target. She just turned 6, she'll be coming to visit over the weekend (staying at my folks', but you can bet we'll be over there all weekend!), and she loves clothes, so that's what I got her. I was really disappointed with Target's selection, though. I finally have a reason to buy girl clothes, and they let me down. Usually they have such cute things, but today there was just bad mojo all around -- shopping and crafting!

Well, there's nothing for it but to give up, surf the web for a little while and then go to bed. I do hope we get the promised rain tomorrow! And I'm going (finally!) to an allergist, so I hope that will work out well, too. Please pray that this man can fix my stupid sinuses!!

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