Saturday, August 09, 2008

At the rate of one card/project per day ... (and some commentary on the Olympic Opening Ceremony)

You think I can pull off being ready for the craft fair in October? Of course, you have to take off for "sick days". Like, two weeks per month (rolls eyes).

Overall this was not a good week health-wise, but I did manage to get three card designs done. I'll spread out showing you, in case I don't have just an avalanche of cards to show next week.

I'll show the one I managed to put together for the TechnoStamper challenge this week. It was nice and simple, which I needed after the other two I made. I made this one (three times over) in less than two hours, so that's a pretty good pace.

I started off with the DP as the inspiration (after the sketch, of course). I'm so awful at not remembering details after I've made a card, but I think it was K&Co, from a 6"x6" pad. There were only three pages of this, that's why I could only get three cards out of it. I distessed the DP around the edges with SU Bashful Blue Classic Ink. Then I used my Cuttlebug "Swiss Dots" folder (has to be the most popular one of all time in the card-making world) with some CTMH cardstock from the "Majestic Blue" paper pack (I like CTMH paper for the Swiss Dots because their paper has a white core, and you get white dots on your colored paper!). However, since I wanted cream/vanilla dots instead of white, I ended up going over the dots very lightly with my Very Vanilla Craft Ink pad (SU). The sentiment comes from the old "Memory of the Heart" set from SU. I stamped one of the elements from that set in Bashful Blue on Very Vanilla CS (doing one stamp-off first), then stamped over that with the sentiment in Ballet Blue. Then I distressed it with Antique Linen Distress Ink (Ranger). I then matted the sentiment rectangle on Bashful Blue and Very Vanilla, and distressed the VV mat with the Antique Linen Distress Ink. That got mounted on the card with Stampin' Dimensionals. I added three stick-on half-pearls at the bottom, according to the sketch. That was all mounted on a Very Vanilla base card, and I was done! Nice and simple, clean lines. I like it!

We have been Wii-ing of late. Um, doing Wii Fit, that is. Aidan has been faithful to do his Wii Fit routine every day, but I was pretty "under the weather" most of the week, so I did my initial "Body Test" and some balance exercises on Monday, then didn't get back to it until yesterday. It is, admittedly a TON of fun. I mean, I am a certified Despiser of Exercise in Any Form, but I may have to have that certification revoked now. The Wii people are brilliant. I mean, yeah, there are some "normal exercises" in there -- the Strength Training and Yoga stuff (don't worry, it's just Yoga poses, no meditation or anything). But then the rest of it is like doing video games with your body. Or other fun stuff, like slalom skiing and ski jumping without the cold and potential for broken bones, and running a course with beautiful scenery and lots of Mii people either running, too, or standing on the side cheering you on. (I haven't done the running -- I honestly hate running too much to do that even on the Wii, but Bjorn and Aidan have done it and say it's better than "real" running, lol.) And there are hula-hoop games, step-aerobics in front of a Mii audience (with a host of Mii buddies on stage with you), tightrope walking, all kinds of fun stuff! A lot of it is focused on helping you strengthen your balance (I guess that involves your body core), but, as I said, there are aerobic things, too. At this point, I love it, even if the Wii Fit Board does say "Oh!" sort-of painfully every time I step up on it.

Let's see, what else ... Oh! I had two sinus-related "events" this week. My PA wanted me to have a CT scan done of my sinuses before I went to the allergist this week. Since I landed back in her office again on Tuesday with another potential sinus infection, she got worried I might have a fungal infection. And the only way to tell about that is to have a CT scan. So I traipsed (well, okay, drove) all the way up to the north part of town and had one done, only to be told that my sinuses were BEAUTIFUL! (Her word.) No fungus, not even a sign of a regular infection (!!! -- um, then why did I have fever on Monday and Tuesday??). So we sent that report off to the allergist, and I went to him on Thursday. I am a great candidate for allergy shots (woot). He wants me to get my cats out of my bedroom and not let them back in, but, um ... I just don't see how that will ever work. So I'm just gonna have to be diligent about vacuuming (our vacuum has a HEPA filter on it, thankfully), and dusting with damp cloths, etc. I'm going to see if I can talk my dad into letting me have a teense more Granny-money so I can get a good HEPA filter for the bedroom and some allergen-blocking mattress/box-spring/pillow covers. It's expensive to have allergies. Today we took our decorative valance down (definitely a dust trap, and impossible to wash since the drape is stapled to the rod!). And pulled the beds apart and vacuumed under them really well (our king-sized bed is made up of two twins). And Aidan has promised to dust in there, since I really shouldn't, but a) it's 8:30pm and he hasn't started that yet, and b) I don't know that he'll be all that thorough. I need a maid, but I don't see that happening.

Weren't last night's opening ceremonies for the Olympics amazing!! We missed the first hour, but fortunately we had it recording, so we'll watch that tomorrow over at my folks' house. But the part we did see was just astounding. The Chinese really went all out. I do have to admit that we laughed hysterically when the Chinese soldiers took the Olympic flag and started marching with it. The goose-stepping was classic! All I could think of was Monty Python's "Ministry of Silly Walks", the way John Cleese could get his legs so high and so straight. My oldest brother (who is temporarily living with my parents while he gets his health straightened out) said, "They must've been watching Monty Python," before I ever said a word. It was great.
The only thing that marred the evening was stupid NBC's decision to cut to a commercial JUST AS the New Zealand team marched into the stadium! I had waited for nearly two hours during the parade of the athletes to see the Kiwi team, through Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands and Cape Verde, places like that, and when the New Zealanders started coming in in their beautiful black outfits with the silver ferns emblazoned on them, the announcer said, "And as the Kiwis march in, we'll take a break and be right back!" !!!!!!! The morons! I bet Phil Joel was livid! (Well, okay, he's probably too nice to have been actually LIVID, like I was, but I'll bet he was stinkin' annoyed!) I had to wait until I got home and go to the New Zealand Herald's website to see their video coverage of the Kiwi team marching in to see it. You know what was totally cool? They were all wearing flip-flops! ("Jandals" in Kiwi-speak) I love it! They are so laid-back and awesome. So since NBC screwed up their moment here in the US, I will honor the Kiwi team on my humble blog:

So, anyway, I've talked your eyes off now, so I'll spare you any more agony and save some for tomorrow! So, let's see, in this house our Olympic loyalties are something like this:
Go Team USA!!
Go Team New Zealand!!
Go Team Australia!! (Who, BTW, had awesome outfits in the march-in!)
Go Team Norway!! (Boo! They beat the Kiwi Women in soccer ...)
Go Team Japan!!

Yes, we're very multi-cultural around here. So until tomorrow ...
Go Team Stampers!!!!!!


Lynn said...

Yes, having allergies is expensive. I also need the allergen stuff on the bed because of being allergic to mites. Unfortunately, I can't afford it at this time because EVERY pillow has to be covered and my husband insists on having 6 pillows. I am also allergic to dust and vacuuming and dusting are awful for me.
Love the card. I need to begin my Christmas cards.

MJ said...

Oh, how beautiful! I love that sentiment. Thanks for playing, you did a fabulous job. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Sharon in NE said...

I really like to exercise but haven't for a while. Just lost interest. Since we have a Wii, I just may have to check out the Wii fit. Thanks for the info! Glad you like it.