Friday, August 22, 2008

AWOL: A-way W-atching the O L-ympics

Well, I have been intending to blog every night for the last several, but we've been over at my parents' watching the Olympics until late, so by the time I've gotten home it's already been past time for my blog to be sent out via e-mail update to those who subscribe. Then the next day I'd intend to write it earlier, but I'd forget or something would come up and it wouldn't get done. So here I finally am because Bjorn and Aidan got tied of watching the men's diving tonight and wanted to come home. We had to sacrifice the men's 400-meter relay, but I'm pretty tired tonight, so I gave in.

I have been making cards! And working on another project while at my folks' – something that involves a lot of repetitive stamping, so I could do it and watch races or diving or whatever. Of course, I had to stop both last night and the night before to watch the Beach Volleyball finals, since you really have to be watching the whole time on those. But before getting into that, here is one of the cards I made:

I will apologize up front because I can't remember where the stamp came from and I'm too lazy to go upstairs and find out. I'll try to remember to look it up tomorrow and let you know. Same with the red DP. I think that's K and Company, but I'm not sure. It's from a book of DPs I got at Michaels awhile back. I do know the orange paper with the flower-circles is Club Stamp. Oh! And the Ruby Red CS behind the gold CS behind the DPs I stamped with a leaf stamp that came from a set of clear stamps (stamp, stamp, stamp! lol!) from Basic Grey, using Versamark. Did that make any sense at all? Whew!

For the sentiment, I stamped it on Whisper White CS using Ruby Red Craft (pigment) ink and embossed with Clear Detail EP. Then I sponged over the whole thing with Summer Sun Classic (dye) ink, then sponged around the outside to the edge of the sentiment with More Mustard, then sponged the outside edge with Ruby Red Classic ink. It's a kind-of Michelle Zindorfian look. I wanted it to coordinate with the DP/CS colors and also to be slightly reminiscent of the sun, a la the first line of the poem. I really like how it turned out!

So supplies are:
Cardstock: Cranberry Crisp (SU retired), Ruby Red (SU), gold metallic from Archivers (I think it's by The Paper Company), Whisper White (SU)
Inks: Versamark; Ruby Red Craft, Summer Sun Classic, More Mustard Classic (all SU)
DP: Club Scrap; poss. K & Co. (I'll try to remember to check)
Stamps: Sentiment – I'll check and get back to y'all on that; leaf – Basic Grey
Misc: Clear Detail Embossing Powder; Heat tool; gold brads from office supply store; Stampin' Dimensionals; adhesive

Now, on to the Olympics – I am amazed that I got so into the Beach Volleyball thing!! I mean, before the Olympics I couldn't even have imagined that it would be an Actual Olympic Sport. But after watching the men's game last week with Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers, I realized it was a pretty cool sport, actually. I certainly think the women could dress a little less skimpily, but as far as skill goes, there is definitely skill involved in playing this game – two people on two people in volleyball cannot be easy, and with sand all up your nose whenever you dive for the ball ... yeah, they got my respect pretty quickly.

So we watched the women's final Wednesday night and rooted on Misti May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh as they creamed the Chinese team in just two games. Yay, it was great, the US girls got the gold, blah, blah, blah. (Seriously, yes, we were proud of them.) But last night when Phil and Todd (yep, we're on a first-name basis now, lol) were going against the Brazilians – this was totally serious bidness. I (and my mom, especially, and to some extent my husband and brother, to a much lesser extent my son and my dad) sat and anxiously cheered on the guys as they fought against the stinkin'-ly good Brazilian dudes. ("Fabio" -- I mean, c'mon, could the guy HAVE a more romance-novel name? Yeesh!) It was exceedingly close in the first game (deep breaths all around after that one was over). In the second game Phil and Todd just seemed to lose it toward the end. I don't know if they got tired, hot (it was almost 100 degrees F down on the court), lost their concentration, what, but they were serving into the net, missing blocks, all kinds of terribly unacceptable moves that cost them that game. It was time to bite fingernails. (Mine are pretty short so I was considering toenails, but that was just too gross, even for something this important.) But thankfully in the third game it was the Brazilians who pooped out (poor ol' Fabio & co.). Phil was a total powerhouse on blocking, and Todd was awesome at slamming, and between them they totally blew the boys from Brazil away, 15-4! Yes, to FOUR! So Phil and Todd saved the day and came away with an Olympic Gold Medal. WOOOOOOOOOT!!!! And, no, they're not Kiwis, but they're almost as cool as Kiwis, so they totally deserved that medal, and I'm very, very proud of them. Way to go, blokes!!

Phil's reaction to winning (and loser Fabio's reaction to, well, losing):

Phil wearing the flag:

Phil and Todd with their well-earned gold medals:

But, yes, there has been lots of disappointment at the Olympics, too -- silver medals instead of gold, runners disqualified for stepping out of their lanes (what heartache that must be!!), relay runners dropping batons, Laura Wilkinson's shredded tricep keeping her rattled and unable to make the medal round in women's diving. I could really do without the stinkin' interviewers asking over and over again, "How do you feel at this moment?" Somebody needs to ask them, "Hey, how would YOU feel at this moment?" Like the fifteen-year-old American woman (girl) diver who wasn't able to qualify for the medal rounds who just sobbed on camera despite her best efforts to hold it together while the interviewer lady stuck the microphone in her face. I really hope that interviewer felt horrible for doing that to the poor girl. I would have personally liked to shove the microphone down the lady's throat, but then that wouldn't be very Christlike, would it??

Speaking of being Christlike, it's cool to find out about the Olympians who are Christians! I know one of the women archers is (I can't remember her name), and so many of the runners give glory to God or thank Him when they're interviewed (at least some good comes of it!). The Kiwi runner who got the bronze in the men's 1500m is a Christian, according to the New Zealand Herald. And I read an awesome article today in Today's Christian Woman online about Laura Wilkinson. I'm so happy to know that Jesus is alive and well in the sports world!!

Tomorrow I want to talk about a couple of things that have been on my mind -- one is a little boy (and his family) who need a whole lot of prayer, and the other is a cause that I'm finding myself becoming very passionate about. In fact, I'm seriously considering donating $1 of each of my card sales to this cause. But I've already "talked" your "ears" off tonight, so I'll wait until then to discuss these two. (And if I forget, please remind me!!)

So I hope you have a great weekend, and I will be back soon! (Hey, the Olympics only have another day and then the Closing Ceremony ... which looks lame because of all the rock musicians they're having on, but maybe it'll be good in spite of that.)

School starts Tuesday. Waaaaaaah!


Anonymous said...

I love the card. I definitely want to know where the stamp came from!

I really got into the beach volleyball, too. Loved the women's game. I joined Misty May's fan club on facebook and the Michael Phelps one too.

Lynn MaGill

Gunhild said...

Your card is gorgeous!! I love the colors!

Have a great weekend!

Shirley said...

Another real eye catcher. I love how you use such bright colors and they all go so well together! TFS