Sunday, August 17, 2008

Busy day!!

Wow! It's been a busy day today! First there was leading worship at church -- thanks to all who prayed for me! It went very well and I had a great time doing it. (And thank You most of all, Lord! I do hope You liked the songs -- I think You did since I'm pretty sure You picked them out.)

Then we rushed over to Mom and Dad's to celebrate Dad's 77th birthday. We had fried chicken for lunch, with mashed potatoes & gravy, green bean casserole and English peas. Then Dad opened his presents, and I rushed everybody over to have birthday "cake" afterward. Technically it wasn't cake. It was Berry Nectarine Buckle that I made last night from a recipe in Light 'n' Tasty magazine, and it was GOOOOOOD, if I do say so myself! We stuck a candle in it, lit it, sang "Happy Birthday" and had Dad blow out the candle (the usual birthday routine). Then after I plowed through my bowl of it, I dashed off to ...

My former upline/current demo's SU Open House. (See now why I rushed everybody around?) Actually, I guess it wasn't technically an "open house", but she showed us a bunch of new stuff, including the new SU Sizzix Big Shot machine, then we did three make-n-takes. I won a door prize (a retired stamp set from last year)!! And then I placed a *ahem* "small" order. Okay, my sweet mother gave me a little spending money, but I want you all to know I was very careful in my spending, and only got things I really decided I needed. I did get all the In Color ink pads, as well as two packages of mixed In Color cardstock. And I got the Scallop Edge Punch. And then a stamp set or two, of course. She let me add someone else's order onto mine so I could have a hostess order -- now, wasn't that nice? And I got my 20% off Former Demonstrator's Discount that I get for six months after my quitting date. So I also got a Level 1 Hostess set and $15 in free stuff! Not bad, huh?

I am seriously considering the spending moratorium, though, even though none of that came out of my pocket. I did have to come home and order some more EZ Mount foam for the new sets, since I'm nearly out. But that's a "necessity". I think I'll try not buying ANY new stamp sets for a whole month. You think I can do it? Maybe if I tell y'all I'm gonna do it you'll have to hold me to my word. Obviously I could cheat and not tell you, but I'm not very good at keeping secrets, especially if I've sinned. I'm a "confessor". Y'all know this.

So, okay, here it is: FROM NOW UNTIL SEPTEMBER 17 I AM NOT BUYING A SINGLE NEW STAMP OR STAMP SET!!! (I'm not buying any used ones, either -- I realized that could be a loophole.) Nor will I buy any Nestabilities or other expensive accessories. ONLY NECESSITIES will be allowed, and that's things like adhesive, cardstock and ... very, very basic things like that. Y'all have to hold me to it and help me do it, okay?

NOW -- I will show you the card I made for my dad for his birthday:

This is an Australian set a dear friend sent to me, and I just love it! The images are modeled after aboriginal art. Yesterday was my first use of it. I did the "Faux Distress Resist" technique from Technique Junkies for the background. For the focal image, I stamped it with a rainbow ink pad, then covered it with double-sided tape and covered that with tiny glass beads. Then I sponged a bit of Rust Alcohol Ink over the beads to age them (to match the distressed-ness of the background). The "sentiment" is from the "By Definition" SU set. I'm happy to report Dad loved it. Mom's not too keen on lizards, but she was sweet and said she liked it anyway.

I haven't had a chance to watch any more Olympics since my last rant (aren't you glad!!!). We'll probably go back over to Mom and Dad's and watch some tonight. Think I'll take my new SU catty over there and show Mom what her kind generosity bought me. My mother totally rocks. Even if she hadn't given me the spending money I would think that, but that was icing on the cake!

This coming week is Aidan's last week of summer vacation. I definitely have mixed emotions about it. I'm going to miss sleeping in until 9:30 or so. Six a.m. is NOT a good time of morning for me! (At least I can go back to sleep for a bit after the guys head out!) And at least Aidan will be at school doing productive things instead of hanging out on the computer all day. But he actually has been doing "productive" things this summer -- working on his "con-lang" (constructed language -- i.e., the language he is creating), teaching himself Japanese, that sort of thing. Maybe I'll be more productive in the craft loft, though, if I'm just here totally by myself. We'll see.

Alright, gotta run get some dinner going. Hope your [insert name of day here] is a great one!


Lynn said...

I will keep you accountable if you keep me accountable. In October my commitment to my SU demonstrator's stamp club is over which means I will no longer have to spend that $20 a month. So from then until the first of the year, no more buying stamps or scrapbook paper for me. I can only buy adhesives and cardstock if needed. I want to save money for a family trip in the near future.

Peggy M. said...

Okay, until September 18, I pledge no new stamps,no new "tools". no new Copics, punches. cuttlebug, etc. Can buy cardstock, adhesive and embellis if needed for a specific project.
I'm so glad I ordered stuff over the weekend. :)

stampmonkey said...

Girlfriend, you crack me up!! I just spent I don't know how long reading all the posts on this page of your blog, and you are just too funny! With the exception of your, um, shall I call it a "fascination" with all things Kiwi? ;), I can totally relate to your musings (especially in the need to being held accountable with regard to buying more stamping products!). I was especially happy to hear your review of the Wii Fit's something I just heard about and am really interested in. And I love your artwork!

I'm really trying to cut back on my amount of computer time (meaning a LOT of the blogs I subscribe to) in order to get my life back -lol, but will make sure I stop by yours. I love how you make me laugh! ;D Thanks!

Shirley said...

Wow! Love how vibrant this is. A really stunning card. TFS, Stacy.