Friday, August 01, 2008

I refuse to be allergic to ...

... CATS!! No, no, no, it can't be true! I went for my allergy skin tests today, and one of the ones that reacted was CATS! That's horrible! Of course, I haven't had the tests "interpreted" yet, I go for that on Tuesday, but I refuse to get rid of my kitties. Won't do it no matter what, nuh uh. They're my babies and I will not get rid of them.

I will admit I may be overreacting a bit -- the doc hasn't said a thing about having to get rid of them, and the reaction written on my score sheet was a "2+", which is rather mild, compared to the "4+" that I got for Cedar Elm, Pecan trees and Box Elder. I was highly reactive to most of the trees, and a lot of the grasses and weeds. (I figured as much on the grasses/weeds.) I also reacted moderately strongly to most of the molds and the dust mites, which is no big news. Oh, and dogs. But I refuse to be allergic to kitties. Period, end of discussion.

SO ... I have a card to show you. I actually did it last week, but am only just now getting around to posting it. I had intended to spend some time in the loft this evening, but the tests actually left me feeling a bit wiped out, I guess because my body was fighting the allergens still (the Cedar Elm and Box Elder whelps are still there, still huge). And then we got into a theological discussion with Aidan tonight about the eye-for-an-eye passage in Matthew Chapter 6. (He wasn't planning revenge on anyone, but Bjorn was having some frustration issues with an insurance adjuster that made Aidan mad, so we eventually go around to needing to discuss this!)

I finally decided I HAD to do some autumnal colors for the October craft fair. So I got out my trusty Technique Junkies notebook, thumbed through it and decided to make some backgrounds using the Spectrum Roll technique. (Want to know how to do it? Join Technique Junkies today! It's SO worth the money, trust me on this ... click on the link to find out all the great perks of being a Technique Junkie!) I used my SU "Pumpkin Patch" Spectrum Ink pad and copper and gold Marvy Metallic Markers for the tech. Then I stamped on it with my beloved Gel-a-tins "Wild Things" silhouette stamps with Adirondack Archival Black ink. I matted this on Chocolate Chip cardstock (SU), then put that on a piece of pumpkin orange textured cardstock from Club Scrap which had been adorned with Choc Chip grosgrain ribbon (SU), stuck on three brown glittery-dots things I bought last year and have no clue who makes, then mounted that on a Very Vanilla (SU) card base. All in all a fairly general-purpose, yet autumnal-feeling card. Hopefully they'll sell!

I've added some new blogs to my "A Few Good Blogs" list. I'm gonna have to rename it the "A Bunch of Good Blogs" list soon! Here's what I've added today:

Stempelglede -- This is a Norwegian blog (written in both Norwegian and English) with FABULOUS cards, etc., and some tutorials on it. (Scroll down to the Brushstroke Flower and Retro Flower Punch tutorial -- this is what grabbed me in the first place!) It means "Stamping Joy", and Gunhild's creations definitely reflect that! She has a sister blog for her shop, to which I also added a link. She's got some great stamps for sale in her shop, BTW. Check it all out!

Paper in the Works -- Gorgeous, gorgeous cards. What more can I say?

Penelope's Pitstop -- Wonderful creations and great tutorials. Scroll down to the one about stamping on Fantasy Film. I ordered some of this stuff just because of this tutorial, and can't wait to get started stamping on it!

KWerner Design Blog -- She's an SU demo who is right now working at Convention and has some very interesting behind-the-scenes views. Plus she's got some great stampin' stuff on her blog, so she's worth keeping up with even after Convention.

Sunny Stampin' -- Andrea Walford is another SU demonstrator. She has online classes (fee-based) for non-demos, and sells class kits to other SU demos. She's got some really cute ideas, too.

And last but not least,
Sarah Kay Weekly Challenges Obviously by the name you can see this site has weekly challenges. They're not all sketch-based, and they just started (they're into week 4), but the two sketches they've had up are great. They do want you to use only their stamps if you're going to post, but they have prizes, so it probably wouldn't hurt to invest if 1) you want to win, and 2) they're your style. But regardless, it's another great place to go for more sketches!

Okay, hope this has given you some new places to check out. And there are plenty of "oldies but goodies" in my blog list, too, so if you haven't taken a look there in awhile, why not do so today? It's a good way to pass a bit of free time, and you might find some great inspiration!

Hope your Saturday (or Sunday, if you're Down Under) is fabuloso! Oh, and my apologies to those of you who received the "Turning Japanese" post twice -- not quite sure what happened there, but I'll try to make sure that doesn't happen again!


Tish said...

I hope you are not getting this message twice. But here goes.
Cats should never go, so I agree with you. There are shots for this kind of allergy. I even had to get a tetnaus shot cause my spoiled cat bit me when I tried to bring him inside and he wanted to go chase another cat.
Anyway, I love the colors in this card. Wish I could borrow your brain.

Shirley said...

Totally lovely, Stacy. Let's hope you aren't allergic to rubber either!!!

Beth Norman said...

ah ha, I recognize this card from the TJ group. It is breathtaking!! I'm so sorry about your allergies. Pecan trees of all things--LOL. Sorry about the cats. I'm allergic to dust and dust mites. Doesn't sound bad, but believe me it is. My body feels like bugs are crawling all over me--ugh! I hope you can do something to help out.

Etha said...

Oh your spectrum roll card is just beautiful! the background came out perfect!!
As to cat dander allergy, do you have a HEPA filter in your vacuum?? That usually gets rid of all airborne things from cats that you could be allergic to.
When my son was a toddler we had a cat and he all of a sudden developed a terrible cough. Doc said to get rid of the cat immediately. Gosh I could not do that, this cat was FAMILY! So I tried a new vacuum with a hepa filter, my son's cough was gone the next day and never returned.....