Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh, for a TV

Once every four years I wish we had a broadcasting TV in our house. We have a TV but we only use it for DVDs and the computer, no network stuff, no cable. We figure it's just a waste of money and brain space (mostly). If we want to watch something we go over to my parents' house and watch over there (like Mythbusters, which Aidan and I totally love). But every four years, when the Olympics are going, I wish we had a TV so we could tune in any time we wanted to, day or night. I know, can I say "streaming video"? But my computer doesn't do streaming video well, and neither does the one we use on the big screen in our living room. We tried watching fencing the other night and it jerked so much I literally got motion sickness. So I have to miss Michael Phelps' try for his 11th medal (we saw him win the 10th one over at Mom and Dad's, which was really awesome, but I was SO disappointed that the Kiwi guy, Burmester, came in fourth instead of third!). And I had to miss all kinds of awesome women's gymnastics. And we've missed lots of other good stuff, too. Ah, well. I suppose it's worth the sacrifice to keep our brains as free of cultural and moral pollution as possible.

Okay, on to card making. I'm going to show you a card I made yesterday. I was inspired by a tutorial on Andrea Walford's blog, which was in turn inspired by Kim Teasdale, who was in turn inspired by Michelle Zindorf. So it's been around the block! If you'd like to know how Andrea did it (and therefore how I did it, too), check out her tutorial.

I used SU's "Stem Silhouettes" for my flora, and the dragonfly from my Gel-a-tins "Wild Things" set for my fauna. When I saw Andrea's card, I knew I didn't want to copy it exactly, so instead of using a butterfly I decided I'd use a dragonfly. That made me remember a dragonfly haiku I have in my set of haiku poems from Art Neko, so I decided since the colors were definitely autumnal, the dragonfly had to be red to go with the haiku! I'm sure Michelle would have done some highlighting and/or outlining on the dragonfly, but since I'm not an "artist artist" I decided I'd better leave well enough alone. Besides, I like the kind-of ethereal quality of the un-outlined red dragonfly. It's a little mysterious, I think, like the sense evoked by the haiku.

The background paper is from an SEI pad called "Oasis", which, ironically has nothing to do with the tropics or anything Arabian, but is very Oriental. I think they need to give their paper-pack-namer person a vacation. Somewhere where there IS an oasis so they'll know what they're talking about!

So that's my card for the day! I spent three hours in the loft today working on one card design and making four of them. It uses the "Designer Tile" TJ technique, and it took forever to decide on which scraps I would use, then how to lay them out. But I won't go into that now. I'll save it for tomorrow!

Happy stampin'!

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Shirley said...

this is lovely, lovely, lovely~~~!

I tried to do one of her thingys and I am going to post in the next few days. It was not easy for me. LOLOLOL I ended up doing 2 different ones. One her way and one my way. Ha! Yours is superb.