Saturday, August 16, 2008

Stamp-free Friday :( -- but the Kiwis rocked!!

First of all, thank you to my comment-friends!! I am reading all my comments, and even if I don't answer you directly I appreciate and hear what you're saying. And I'm going to get better about answering y'all. I promise!

Well, I didn't get any stamping done yesterday. I don't know why I was so darned tired, but I just couldn't drag myself up into the loft. I did do my Wii Fit stuff, so maybe I just overdid. I had to take Aidan for his haircut, and it was blisteringly hot, and it was tax-free weekend (half the population of Central Texas was out, and half of them at the JCPenney where he gets his hair cut, so we had to park a mile away), then we had to hit the grocery store (another hot place, oddly enough), so I was drained by the time we got home.

The hairdresser cut four inches off Aidan's hair!!! Ack!!! Fortunately it is a gorgeous haircut, and the front is still pretty long. He's not thrilled, but I assured him it would look great by the time school starts on the 26th, and that it really does look terrific now. I should have stopped her when I saw where she was putting the scissors, but you know how you get at the hairdresser's -- kinda paralyzed. So, honestly, no, it's not a "short" haircut, but it is shorter than either Aidan or I really wanted it.

So ... I DID stamp on Thursday. I finished my card for this week's Techno Stamper challenge. I'm very pleased with how it turned out, but it was a toughie to do, partly because I just seemed to be lacking in mojo, so thinking out the various elements took forever. Then cutting the slit for the rectangle panel to go through was a bit labor-intensive since I had to do it four times (four cards). I know the sketch was for two squares in that spot, but the minute I first looked at it, my eyes saw a rectangle pulled through a slot, so that's what I decided to do.

Here's the sketch:

And (obviously) the card:

The background rectangle uses the Veined Marble (with Reinkers) technique from the Aug/Sept '07 newletter. The medallion is an SU stamp (Baroque Something-or-other) and the sentiment is Club Stamp.

I'm not sure when in October the craft fair is, but the first of Oct. is only six weeks away. I have so much to do for this thing! I've really got to get my derriere in gear and start making SIMPLE cards and some non-cardy things. Help!!

I've also GOT, GOT, GOT to stop buying stamp sets!!! (After the SU Open House I'm going to tomorrow -- and I already have my purchase list filled out so I won't get nuts.) I'm subscribed to about a jillion stamping blogs, and it's slowly beginning to dawn on me that a whole bunch of these babies are designed specifically to entice the reader to purchase stamps of specific companies. (I know, I'm slow sometimes.) Today I read a blog with some GORGEOUS things made by a woman who designs for Papertrey Ink. And then I went to Papertrey Ink's website. And then I put her set into my shopping cart. And then I noticed that I just needed one more big set (their biggies are $24) to almost qualify for the free shipping if you spent $50 or more. So I put another big set in my cart. And then I needed $2 more to qualify. So I put some ribbon in my cart. I got free shipping, but it cost me $26 to do it. (Fortunately the second stamp set was one I had been wanting for awhile.) But I can't keep doing this!!!! I think that, after this Open House I'm going to stop reading these blogs and declare a moratorium on stamp buying. I will only buy necessities like adhesive and maybe brads.

Uh huh. And maybe Phil Joel will be elected President of the United States. (Which is impossible anyway because he wasn't born in the U.S.)

So, speaking of Kiwis -- yesterday (which was Saturday in Beijing and New Zealand) was the Kiwis' best single day ever in their Olympic history! They won five medals! SWEET AS!!!!! They won:
• Gold to shot putter Valerie Vili.
• Gold to Caroline and Georgina Evers-Swindell in the double sculls.
• Silver to cyclist Hayden Roulston in the 4000m individual pursuit.
• Bronze to single sculls oarsman Mahe Drysdale.
• Bronze to pairs oarsmen George Bridgewater and Nathan Twaddle.

The Men's Single Sculls competition was a sort-of heartbreaker. Mahe Drysdale was touted to win the gold (he's won, I think, a couple of gold medals in this race before), but he's had a stomach flu all week, and the best he could pull off was a bronze. There was some worry he wouldn't even qualify earlier in the week, he was so ill, but he managed to pull it off, and a bronze is nothing to sneeze at, really. It was New Zealand's first medal of these Olympics. After the race he had to be taken away on a stretcher, he was so exhausted and throwing up. But he managed to make it back for the medal ceremony. That's the stuff Kiwis are made of, mates!

Of course, you wouldn't know any of this watching NBC. (Well, I don't know, it might get a nod today on the Saturday coverage, but I won't hold my breath.) Even Americans are complaining about their choice of prime-time events to cover. It's so limited! The two nights that I've been over to my folks' to watch, we've seen Men's Beach Volleyball (and I will admit I got rather attached to Todd Rogers and Phil "the Beijing Beast" Dalhausser), Women's Gymnastics, a smidgen of Track & Field and Swimming. The swimming I totally understand with the whole Michael Phelps phenom. But I was under the impression there were, like, more than four sports in the Olympics? I know it's hard to cover so many sports in just a few hours of prime time, but still. They haven't even really shown basketball, according to what I was reading.

So, wouldn't it be lovely if there was a country-neutral couple of channels where you could watch THE OLYMPICS? I mean, because what if you're interested in a certain SPORT (like sailing), not just specific athletes or countries? Yeah, there's the internet, but I've already told you how less-than-optimum this choice is for a lot of people (myself included). The way things are, if the US isn't sure to win a medal in something, it doesn't get covered (or not well, anyway).

So there's my Olympic Rant for today. Thanks for listening. Tune in tomorrow -- I'm sure there'll be another one! lol

I'm supposed to lead worship at church tomorrow, and I haven't even put a whole minute's thought into what we'll sing! :-0 I've been so bad! I'll just have to show up extra early tomorrow morning for rehearsal and ask God to please, please tell me what He wants us to sing to Him! The tough part is, we'll just have one rhythm guitar and a bass, nothing else except my voice. So, if you're still inclined after reading my gripey rant, please pray for me! (You may want to, anyway -- for my attitude! lol)

Okay, enough for now. I need to go do some Wii stuff (only 20 minutes today, and NO aerobics, so I won't wear myself out), then get into the shower, then go make my dad a birthday card. He turns 77 tomorrow! That doesn't sound so old to me anymore!

Have a great weekend!


Lynn said...

I agree with you on the Olympic side. I want to see more sports!! Today I saw the Steeplechase race where the runners jump hurdles and run through water. I did not know there was any such thing.

Beautiful cards!


MJ said...

What a neat take on the layout. You did a fabulous job cutting the slot for the rectangle. Would be a cool bookmark. Love the whole card, the technique is beautiful. Thanks for playing.

Kerry D-C said...

Stunning! the backround is gorgeous!

Shirley said...

The card is beautiful and I trust you terrific judgement on the other...!