Sunday, August 31, 2008

'Tis the season

Take your pick: Tis the season ...
a) for hurricanes
b) for hot air (presidential candidates)
c) making Christmas cards

So, yeah, around here it's all three. Okay, not literally hurricanes, but of course we're keeping an eye on Gustav (family in the Houston area) and praying for all the folks that's going to affect. And I don't see how anyone can keep from getting blasted by some of that candidate-ial hot air. And, yes, I have been making Christmas cards. Not for myself, mind you. Just desperately trying to get some stuff going for this craft fair.

So here's one set I made:

Pretty basic. I got the inspiration from a card my friend Ret (SUFriends) made a year or two ago, but changed colors and some of the stamps and the orientation/arrangement of the elements. I'm trying to keep my to-sell Christmas card sets postal-service-friendly, so I'm not putting on lumpy embellies, etc., that would make them cost more to mail. So ... this one uses the Peaceful Wishes (retired) SU set, as well as the berry branch from the "Always" SU (current) set. Colors are Bordering Blue and Cranberry Crisp (the latter of which is a retired '06-'07 In Colors color), and I used red pearl paint (I can't remember the name of it -- it's made by the Stickles people) on the main image berries. The card base is Confetti White SU cardstock (is that retired now?). I originally had the three panels arranged differently, which is why the sentiment is to the right on its rectangle. If I had planned to do it the way it ended up, I would have placed the sentiment to the left. Ah, well. C'est la vie.

Okay, so HUGE, FREAKIN' BIG DISCLAIMER ON THIS NEXT CARD: PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS DESIGN FOR PERSONAL GAIN (I.E. TO MAKE CARDS TO SELL) OR FOR SUBMISSION TO PUBLICATIONS. That's standard in my "note about CASEing" in the sidebar, and I always really, really mean it, but I just wanted to remind you of that here before I show you this one. Okay, so here goes:

Do y'all remember the "Wishing You" set from SU that came out a couple of years ago? So, yeah, this is it, but the white bits on the stamps just looked so empty, and then I got to thinking about how swirls in white space are all the rage now, so I found a swirl from another set (non-SU, but I'd have to go look to see what set it's from ...) and put some swirls in! See, I'm incredibly proud of myself because I don't normally come up with stuff like that on my own. I usually see someone else do that and say, "Hey, what a great idea!" and then go off and do it myself. But this time I CAME UP WITH IT ON MY OWN!! I mean, sweet as! So, yeah, anyway, I used only that stamp set except for the swirl/flourish. Paper is all SU, too -- Garden Green, Wild Wasabi (from last year's In Colors), Riding Hood Red (yay, I can finally use the new In Colors!!) and "Cerise" DP from last year (I think ... copyright on it says 2006, but I thought it was more recent than that). Oops, I'm lying about only using SU paper -- the three dots are from some Paper Company red shimmer paper. Again, I don't want bulky embellies so I just punched out the dots and adhered them on with Mini Glue Dots.

I will tell you that making 16 of these nearly made me a nut case. First, stamping all three blocks 16+ times (because some wouldn't come out good enough), then adding the swirls, then cutting out, then matting on the green paper, then scoring the large mat, then stamping the "Wishing You" and intending to mat it on the red but forgetting and matting it on green and THEN having to go back and mat it on red, too, then punching out 16x3 red dots and adhere all of them ... Last night when I was becoming all too intimate with the blocks and the green matting, I started thinking about Red Army uniforms (couldn't think if they would be Soviet or Chinese -- Aidan said both) that were green with red stars on them. And then the "Hope" word made me think of that being an Obama buzzword. So I'm sitting there chopping away as I mat thinking, "Hmmm ... I'm making Obama/Commie Christmas cards!!" Definitely NOT implying that Obama is a communist. This was meant as a hybrid thing. Anyway, that just goes to show you how loopy you can get if you spend too long on one thing in the craft loft!!

So, speaking of politics ... (massive groan from the readership). I'm not sure what I think about McCain's VP choice. At first I was pretty ecstatic -- she seems like a fantastic go-getter, she's a Christian, she's pro-life, she's young, she's female. Sounded like a winning combo to me. But I've heard so much stuff in the media, on both sides of the coin, that I'm not sure what to think right now. I do like Sarah Palin. She seems, as I said, like a very competent woman who can get things done. And I do think that, God forbid, if "President McCain" were to die in office that she could do the job, with enough advisors. I think I'm at the point in the campaign season where I'm just tired of hearing all the rhetoric now. I've already made up my mind, I don't intend to change it, and I'm just ready to go vote. However, there are plenty of people who aren't ready yet, and they need to be persuaded, so there still needs to be time to get them on board. But I'm just weary of the whole process, of the backbiting, of the negativism, of the "McCain sucks because of this" and the "Obama sucks because of that" that has to take place. I guess I have campaign fatigue!

Well, anyway, now we've got even bigger problems with Gustav drawing a bead on the Louisiana coast. My parents lived in Lake Charles for four years, so it's hard to hear how close it may be to that city. Of course, it's just tragic that it's going to hammer New Orleans again. Can you believe that there are people using this hurricane to "prove" that God is a Democrat?? Yeah! I read on some news network online that a former Democratic National Committee chairman joked that this proved God was on the side of the Dems because the hurricane was timed just right to screw up the Republican National Convention. Of course he later apologized when he found out someone had leaked this little private joke to the news, saying he was just playing off Jerry Falwell's thing about 9/11 happening because of gays and whatever. (Both statements are pretty nasty.) And then Michael *cough cough* Moore (you know, the evil documentary guy) had the gall to say that, for the same reason, this proves that "there is a God in heaven." It's disgusting! Moore didn't exactly apologize for his remark, but did say that he "hopes nobody gets hurt," in the hurricane.

I don't know. Has anybody checked the Republican or Democratic voting rolls yet? Did you find God's name on one or the other? Maybe He's a Libertarian or an Independent. *rolls eyes* The man who used to be our associate pastor had a great bumper sticker on his car during the last presidential election. It said, "God is not a Democrat!" and then under that it said, "Or a Republican!" Amen, brother.

Okay, it's getting close to bedtime and I need a snack, so I'd better run. No big plans for Labor Day, just stamp, stamp, stamp ... (and maybe run to Michaels to get some frames that are on sale ...)

BTW, I don't know if I have any readers in the hurricane strike zone, but if I do, I pray that you're somewhere safe as you read this! Let's all remember to pray for everyone who will be affected by this storm, okay?

Blessings ...

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Shirley said...

What beautiful cards, Stacy! Love the designs and everything about them. You are so going to be ready for Christmas.