Friday, August 29, 2008

What a week!

Okay, so that sounds like I've been super busy or something -- and I guess I have, stamping-wise. Mostly, though, I've just felt rotten and I'm trying to readjust to the school waking/sleeping schedule so I've not figured out where "blog updating" comes into the mix yet. I have time for it, I just keep forgetting until it's bedtime and then it's too late, because you know how long-winded I can be, and there's just no time for that!

I'm beginning to wonder if anyone noticed that I posted TWO entries last time? I haven't gotten any comments on the long post (the one that included the stuff about Hagar International and the blog about little Caed), and there was so much in there I'm kinda suspicious that it was overlooked because of the short post afterward. Anyway, if you didn't notice that entry, please go back and read it.

Okay, I do have a couple of pics for you. The first one is a counterpart to the last card I posted (in the possibly-missed post): Same company as the other one, for the stamp. I used a combination of Copics (I actually have, like, six of them I got a couple of years ago before the Copic Craze and before I really knew what they were for) and SU markers on the image. I used my Cuttlebug Swiss Dots folder to make the golf balls -- just turned them over after punching them out so they'd have dimples instead of dots. The paper is all SU (well, okay, I think the grey behind the golf balls is something else, but since any ol' grey will do, it doesn't really matter, I don't think). Around this neck of the woods, I really think this sentiment will get a laugh or two, and hopefully sell!

The other card is, as the Monty Python guys say, "something completely different." I saw this stamp set by Papertrey Ink on the blog of the woman who created it and totally, totally fell in love with it. It's called "First Fruits" and it's very autumn/Thanksgiving-y, and very elegant. This was actually the purchase that tipped me over into my stamp/non-neccessity-purchasing moratorium. (I'm doing quite well on that, BTW, although I've still managed to spend almost $40 on gold cardstock and just ordered $40 worth of adhesive! Yikes!) I used the "Colorwash Batik" technique from Technique Junkies to make the card front (using shimmer colorwash sprays -- why can't I ever remember the names of these things?). IRL it's very, well, shimmery. Then I stamped the leaves in Garden Green on some green paper I had lying around and cut them out (yep, I made six of these cards so it took awhile). Then I stamped the third pineapple again on So Saffron CS in Rocket Red Gold Brilliance Ink (same ink is used on the border) and adhered it over the last pineapple with Stampin' Dimensionals. Matted it on Ruby Red (there it is again!) and put it on a So Saffron card base. (Yes, I know that pineapple leaves are entirely different than the ones that came in this set -- actually, there was a set of spiky leaves, but they were, oddly, very small, so these had to do.)

If you're wondering why I'm feeling bad (and you may not care, and that's okay, you can go on to other things now), I think it's a combination of things. First there's going from my usual 9:30am summertime wakeup time back to 6:30am, and trying to fall asleep at 10:30pm now instead of 12:30am! That's been a difficult adjustment. I also got permission to stop taking the Lopressor (beta blocker) I was taking for the weird heart stuff that was going on in the early part of the summer so that I can take allergy shots. You have to taper down off the Lopressor, and I did, but going from a nice, slow, 50-something beats per minute heart rate back up to an 80-something beats per minute rate is hard on the ol' bod, and the first couple of days I was off it my heart rate zoomed skyward with almost any kind of exertion. It seems to have leveled off now, but that was a little exhausting! Then it's that "time of the month" (more info than you needed? lol), and I've had a couple of almost-migraines that I've had to deal with and take meds for. And I seem to be having a fibromyalgia flare-up. And pollen on things I'm majorly allergic to is going into the "high" range. So, yeah, not the best week! I'm hoping that once I get my hormones back on track and get a little more sleep with the long weekend that I'll get into a more "normal" place and feel better.

Despite it all I have kept plugging away on my craft fair creations. I found out the fair is on October 4th (aaaaack!), so I don't have much time left to get some good stuff going. The e-mail they sent out with the date on it also mentioned that there were some "new and different" types of things going to be sold this year, and it was a great time to do some holiday shopping. Um ... yeah, I need to do some holiday MAKING, then. So I need to concentrate on Christmas cards and gift goodies, I think. I did a couple of mats for picture frames (I'll photograph and show 'em off soon). They were pretty easy, so I think I'll do a lot more of them. And maybe I'll make some cute little boxes/bags to put the notecard sets I'm making in. We'll just have to see how the month goes.

Okay, I'll write more soon (hopefully tomorrow, as I'll have more time). Hope everyone here in the States has a great Labor Day weekend and stays safe. And everybody else in the world -- have a great weekend in general! (You stay safe, too!)

The cats are yelling at me to feed them, so gotta run!

Sayounara! (Aidan tells me that's how it's "supposed" to be spelled ...)


Lynn said...

No, I did not overlook the other entry...I am reading it now! LOL. My computer has decided it wants a vacation so I now have to share with my husband.


Lynn said...

What size punches are the golf balls?

Stacy said...

Ummm ... Lynn, you would ask me that! I'm thinking they were 1". I drew a grid on the back of one of my cards (these are 5-1/4" square) and I think I remember that's what fit in. I would measure them now if I had a ruler at my computer desk.

Do y'all hate how I can never remember anything, or the thing/info I need is never where I am when I'm blogging? Guess what -- ME TOO! Yeesh! And the sad thing is, I'm this way in every aspect of my life. Can I blame it on the meds? Actually, my favorite "blame" is to tell Aidan that he sucked all the good brain cells out of my brain when I was pregnant with him and that's why he's so smart and I'm so ... mentally challenged these days. lol