Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Whew! Tiredness today!

Well, I didn't get any cards finished today, although I did go up into the loft and sorta-kinda start on one. I'm working on my TechnoStamper sketch for this week, and have an idea in mind, but didn't really get cranking on it well. I had decided I would make a medallion for the card using Australian Opals embossing enamel by Pipe DreamInk. My Aussie friend Leonie sent me a set of Opalettes (smaller containers than the regular size) several months ago, and I've been hoarding them. They are SOOOOO gorgeous! Ultra rich colors, and honestly prettier than anything I've seen in the UTEE line, or anything else here in the US. (You can buy them in the US from After Midnight Art Stamps, but I'm having to save up! They're kinda expensive, though well worth it, especially if you're really into UTEE.) Anyway, so I made some lovely medallions using the Macquarie (teal) Opals and Gold Encore ink and my Ranger Melting Pot -- but they turned out to be too large to use on my card, since I was following a sketch! Well, after all the effort I had put in, I decided to call it quits and have some lunch, and I just never made it back up there.

So here is the card I made yesterday that took three hours to design and make four of:

As I mentioned, this is the Designer Tile technique from the current Technique Junkies newsletter. And the reason it took so darned long to do was because I had to go through my scraps (because I was determined to use Actual Scraps) and pick out the pieces I wanted to use. I have jillions of scraps, so this wasn't an easy task. And there had to be enough pieces to make four semi-identical cards, which you'd think would be easy with that many scraps, BUT, I wanted Autumnal colors -- the exactly RIGHT Autumnal colors/patterns/paper. And then I had to make a prototype so I would know the dimensions of the pieces I would be using. And I discovered that, for example, the embossed leaf vellum piece on the bottom to the right of middle wouldn't go equally on four cards in the configuration I wanted, so I had to tweak two cards. BUT in the end I really like the way the card turned out, and I'm glad I stuck with it! I really, really need to just start making very simple, "cute" cards for this fair, though. If I were to charge what some of these cards are REALLY worth in terms of labor -- yeah, no one is gonna pay upwards of $10 per card, and I know it! (BTW, the stamp is from an old SU set.)

So I had a lovely visit with a friend that I haven't seen in months today. (Hi, Kim!!) She came over mid-afternoon and we just spent some fun time getting re-connected with what's going on with each other. And, yeah, I did have to show off my craft loft to her. She's so sweet -- she didn't think I was a big showoff. She's truly one of the most encouraging people I know, and she just kept talking about how neat it was that I had such a great place to craft, and she could see why I loved going up there and getting into my own little stamping world, etc. Hey, Kim girl -- I love ya!!

After Kim left, Aidan decided he needed to do his Wii Fit stuff for the day, which inspired me (I had been gonna blow the day off), so I did about 25 minutes of balance exercises and strength training. Then I got the brilliant idea to play a couple of games of Wii Tennis off the Wii Sports disc. I swear, I am not a "do things half-heartedly" girl, at least where fun is concerned. Ten -- yes TEN -- games of tennis later I had to quit because my back was killing me! But it was so much fun! And I discovered that the Wii Sports stuff will connect directly into Wii Fit, so you can get credit for what you play off the Sports game! Isn't that cool? (I just wish I'd realized it ten games before I did!) One of the sweet things about Wii Fit is that you can enter into your fitness log stuff you do outside of Wii Fit, too, so I will be entering that 35 minutes of tennis, I can promise you!

Well, I do want to go do some writing now. I didn't actually do much last night -- something got me worried about The Teenager's spiritual life again, and really about how much influence the girl he likes has on him, and how I'm not entirely certain it's all that positive. So that totally derailed me. First I had to pray about it. Then I had to figure out a way to talk to him about it without him instantly shutting me out AND without him thinking I was accusing his Beloved of being a bad person. Then I had to go talk to him -- I chose the topic "The Importance of Making Wise Decisions No Matter What". Fortunately, he and I have a good relationship (so far!), and I know how to intersperse liberal doses of humor to keep things from getting too "heavy". So the talk went alright (though I do have a tendency to, shall we say, go on and on and beat dead horses, as it were -- can you imagine me doing that? lol). Afterward, though, I was really depressed and gloomy and just so worried about all the stuff Christian parents nowdays worry about. So writing didn't really happen.

But NOW -- it's early still, and my brain is doing alright, so off I go to write! And I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday/Friday/whatever day it is when you read this!

Blessings to you all!

P.S. I woke up early this morning still worried about The Teenager, and I just felt this really neat "hug" from Jesus, like He was telling me a) He understands how hard parenting is, b) He knows my heart for my son, and He isn't gonna just let the Enemy walk off with him, and c) He loves his daughter Stacy very, very much. It was a quick hug, because the Enemy was right there trying to swamp it with more worry, but the wonderful, stabilizing effects of that hug have stayed with me all day. God is so awesome! I'm so glad He loves me in spite of myself!


Suzanne said...

I like your card! Congrats on using ONLY scraps! I've tried that before and ended up making MORE scraps because I also needed a piece of this and a piece of that to go WITH my scraps! LOL
How do you get the Wii Sports to send your info to Wii Fit?!?! I'd LOVE to know where you found that at! I do my Wii Fit, but I also like to play the Sports (I'm getting so good at bowling, DH won't play me anymore! LOL) So if I could get Wii Fit to see the sports I'm doing, I'd LOVE it!
As for your son, anytime you hear Satan whispering those worries in your ear, send out a prayer! If you've raised him right and communicate with him, he'll do what's right. Have you read The Power of a Praying Parent? You should :) I think it would help you immensely!

Shirley said...

Lovely, Stacy!

Jean O - Paradise, CA said...

Hi Stacy

I know you from SU Friends. Your card is terrific, however, I am responding to your Christian parenting section. Hang in there. God is amazing. I prayed so hard for my son before he went away to school (and a very liberal, worldly one at that). Guess what -he found a great group of Christian guys and a church and he goes to Bible studies and all sorts of great stuff (found a Christian girlfriend also :D ). God knows it is hard and he has your son in the palm of His hand. Blessings to you!

Debbie Slone said...

I love the cards that you make Stacy! Keep plugging in their with prayer and all. It will pay off in your relationship with Aiden and all that's going on. Now if I just had the energy to make a card. My new job is great but tires me out.
Rubber Hugs!