Monday, August 04, 2008

Why does Fifteen sound so much older than Fourteen?

Well, my "baby" turned fifteen yesterday. Somehow that just seems so much older than fourteen! Is it because he's old enough to learn to drive now? (Gaaaaaah!) Or does it just have a more sophisticated ring than "fourteen"?

He doesn't look any older than he did on Saturday. Well, not much. But, dang, if knowing he's that 1-5 number doesn't make him seem that way somehow.

Okay, so first I'll show you the card I made him, since I shamefully don't have anything else new to show off (hey, I had to make a from-scratch Key Lime Cheesecake on Saturday, plus the card, and Sunday was the kid's birthday and today I'm, well, sick again).

I used two techniques, the main one of which was the "Stamping on Fantasy Film" technique I got from Penelope's Pitstop blog. I'll show you two photos so you can see how just a slight turn of the card or shift in light changes the color of the film:

Isn't that kewl?

I used a dark yellow film, but now I think I need to buy darker film to try on the black cardstock to see if it might actually show up the stamp better. The light yellow I had bought, thinking it would show up the best, actually didn't work at all with black ink because it let too much of the black cardstock beneath show through.

Anyway, you can click on the cards to see them larger. I used an oriental willow stamp from Sparkle-n-Sprinkle for the image on the fantasy film, and the background stamp is actually one I made (therefore it's copyright Stacy's Stamp Loft), and is a segment of the Beatitudes in Japanese! Is that cool, or what? Aidan can even read some of the words! To make the background I stamped the image on acetate with black Staz-on. While that was drying I got out my nonstick craft sheet and dropped a few drops of alcohol ink in a row (I used Ranger Butterscotch and a Pinata bright red, plus some Ranger Gold Metallics), then dropped a few drops of blender solution on top, and used that to ink up my brayer. I immediately rolled the inks across the back of the acetate, going back to ink up the brayer again a couple of times. Then I dropped some alc inks and blender solution on the top of the inked up back and brayered that around a bit. It left splotches where the drops hit, plus added some color where there wasn't enough. I liked the splotches -- they gave it a sort-of distressed look.

Aidan really loved the card, which was exceedingly gratifying! And here are a couple of pics of him celebrating:
This is him getting ready to rip into the packages. Even sophisticated teens get excited about opening presents!

The "Happy Birthday" banner on my mom's china cabinet is so old! She bought it years ago when her grandkids (of which Aidan is the youngest) were still pretty young, and it has served for many, many a birthday since. So the "H" is pretty much gone, and some of the other letters aren't in very good shape either. She keeps saying she needs to get rid of it and get a new one, but I won't let her! As ol' Whatshisname in Fiddler On the Roof sang, "Tra-di-tion! Tradition!"

Aidan will have to have a haircut before school starts in three more weeks. Those of you who know me know I don't mind long hair. I mean, I totally have a crush on Phil Joel's hair, right?
But Aidan's is getting straggly and needs to be trimmed, and he simply won't go for a spiral wave like Phil's (what is his deal, anyway?). Plus the school has a dress code with this ridiculous thing about guys' hair having to be above the collar ... !!! We never fully comply with that, but they haven't thrown him in the dungeon yet, so we'll just keep the length a leeeeetle bit longer.

So, yep, you read right. I'm sick again. Low grade fever, probably a sinus thing. Which is weird because I still have a couple of my antibiotics from the LAST sinus infection left to take! But I feel rotten today (which totally stinks, because I have GOT to get into that loft and get serious!), so I've just been hanging out and taking it easy. Aidan and I went over to the folks and watched four episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation tonight. Not much else to do (although I do LOVE STTNG).

Okay, I wrote you a novel. I'm gonna go now and get this published before the deadline to get it sent via e-mail for tomorrow (Tues) is past.

We're hoping to get some rain up our way from Eduardo, or whatever his name is. We just ordered some "Get Well Soon" flowers for my aunt in Houston to be delivered tomorrow. Were we brilliant or what?? Hope they can stand up to strong wind gusts!


Shirley said...

Stacy, Stacy,
The older they get sometimes the more we worry. However, I have to say Aidan looks like he is a serious kid when he needs to be. I say its all in the eyes and his say "I know what I want and where I am going, I just need to think about it a little." No kidding. He looks like he would be a wonderful son to have.

So you are sick again. When do you get those test results and some allergy stuff. LOL

Gail Kirby said...

I did a double take when I saw the photos of your son - he is my 11 yo minus the glasses! I thought I will have to show Jackson when he gets home from school but then knew straight away he will say "see, he has long hair too" so there goes my hopes for the "tidy up" lol! I was then pleased to read further down that Aiden will in fact be getting a "trim" before school!

Melbourne Australia

Stacy said...

Okay, let's try this comment again!

Shirley, yes, indeed, he is a wonderful son to have! Not perfect, but he manages to be wonderful all the same. Most of the time. ;-)

Gail, that is so weird! I was gonna say maybe they were twins separated at birth, but a) there's an age difference, and b) you and I were each there for their births, and we know we weren't carrying twins! lol So we must be related genetically somehow ... ;-)

Yeah, sorry I can't help you about the hair. But, yes, thanks to his school he won't be looking like this for too many more weeks! (Aidan is one of those kids who just, I think, looks TOO squeaky-clean nerdy with short hair. But then, as I said, I have this long-hair-on-guys thing ...)