Friday, September 19, 2008

Actual Card Pictures

So, today's post will be SHORT! And aren't you GLAD!! lol

This was done with the "Firstfruits" set from Papertrey Ink, the one I fell in love with and had to buy a month ago that set me on my month-long moratorium. I'm also totally in love with SU's Pacific Point blue. It is the PERFECT blue, in my book. I made several of these cards to be sold as sets (I can't remember exactly how many go in the set, but I'll know when I get ready to box them up).

And these cards go in another set of notecards:

All stamps are Stampin' Up! -- focal images are from the retired set "Gently
Falling." Background stamps are from retired "Little [somethings]" (I am SO bad at remembering names) and the flowers on the blue card are from the "Reason to Smile" set (retired, too, I think). I believe I put four of each of these cards in each set.

So, nope, I didn't make it outside to photograph the non-card projects today -- apologies! (Say that with a Jack Sparrow voice, lol.) Tomorrow! Yes! Tomorrow!

Right now I have a welt that is 3" long by 1-1/2" wide on my arm from my allergy shot. I have no idea if that's normal or not. It itches. I hope it's okay. I had allergy shots when I was a kid, but hey, I've slept a few times since then, and I don't remember what was normal. I guess if it keeps getting bigger I'll have to call the allergist.

So, I'm done! With the post, that is. Except to remind you all to go buy Phil Joel's new CD. And don't give the man a puny $1 for it, either. If you download it, pay fair, ay? Or go get it from his website, a hard copy. It's exceedingly reasonably priced (I think $9.99? -- I think the allergy shot has left welts on my brain!)

Go out and have a great weekend!


Shirley said...

Stacy, the cards are wonderful as always. One for Winter, One for love, and one for the last greens of summer!

Stacy said...

Thank you, Shirley! I've been working on a little card pouch to put them in tonight, so I'll be posting that picture when I get all finished (actually, I'm making two pouches because I have enough cards for two sets). I hit a brick wall mojo-wise a little while ago, so will have to give it a rest until tomorrow to see what wonderful ideas (hopefully) come to mind for decorating the pouches.