Saturday, September 20, 2008

Got sumpin' ta show ya ...

Hey, guess what? I finally got out and photographed my non-card (mostly) projects today!! (Well, all the ones that are totally finished.) Woooooot! There are quite a few of them, so I'm not gonna show them all to you at once.

For today I'll just show you one of them. Actually it's two of them, and they have cards in them, but they're pretty much the same thing except for the outer decoration:

Isn't this paper awesome!! It's the K & Co. DP I got at Michaels (the first one, not the stuff I bought the other day). I think it's called "Mira" or something. Anyway, I got the recipe for the bags from Lauren Meader's stamping blog "My Time, My Creations, My Stampendence". I had to change the dimensions so it would fit the A2 sized notecards I wanted to put inside, so it took awhile to do that, then it took a LONG while to decide and come up with the decorations. The actual making of the basket/bag took about five minutes after I got the new dimensions all figured out, but that's never the end of the story, is it?

Here are individual pics of each bag and the cards that go inside (with white envelopes). The cards are the same for each bag, and there are four in each bag:

I used one of the sentiments from Stampin' Up!'s "Inspired by Nature", and a Cuttlebug edge embossing folder, and then the rest of the goodies are either punched or Cricutted. No stamping at all on the card, just cutting and folding and stickin' a brad over a piece of ribbon. Simple! And pretty neat!

And the second bag: Same sentiment stamp. I scored a piece of the DP for the bottom panel, and then Cricutted another piece of the DP for the swirls. You probably can't tell too well, but I also used dots of Stickles all up and down the swirls. Does this just say "fun" or what? I made a third one and gave it to my mom. She totally loved it. I really love making her day that way. She has so many health problems and is really pretty down right now, so it was fun to surprise her with a goodie bag full of notecards!

So that's one of the (two of the) projects I'll be selling. I'm not making vast quantities of any of the except I did make ten of the Scripture flip books (which I'll show you later). I gave one to Mom, and one to Bjorn, and I may send one to a hurting friend, but that will still leave seven to sell.

I finished up the glass coasters today and photographed them, so they'll be popping up on the blog soon (one set of them -- still waiting for my "Pocket Silhouettes" set from SU to do the other set).

Tomorrow our church is having an outdoor picnic for our church service. Since neither Aidan nor I need to be out sucking up the vast quantities of ragweed that are floating around in the air right now, we won't be going to that, but we are planning on visiting another church. Why does that feel like cheating? I mean, as in cheating on your spouse kind of cheating. I'll admit I am interested in looking at other churches' youth groups, but I feel almost guilty for wanting to check out other churches. Bjorn says "We're not church shopping, we just want to worship indoors!" But I'm secretly shopping, a little. I love my church, especially our pastor, but there's the whole youth group thing ... Anyway, we may chicken out -- something weird about visiting a church that's not yours when you're not out of town. But we've made a big deal to Aidan (who does NOT want to do this) about stretching oneself and taking risks and all that, so if we don't end up going we'll look like huge hypocrites. Boy did we back ourselves into a corner!

Anyway, I'll let you know if we did visit another church and how that went. I can pretty much guarantee you we'll be dragging a sulking -- not enthusiastic! -- teenager along!

Blessings until next time!


Yuri said...

Even after all these years, you are still quite paranoid about how you'd be labeled. You're trying to avoid being called a "church shopper".

Forget labels. What's most important is between you and God.

Shirley said...

Your projects are beautiful and so bright and cheerful!

Beth Norman said...

Oh my, this is absolutely gorgeous. Love it, love it, love it! Sorry about missing the step in the tutorial. I'm going back to reword. Thank you for letting me know. I depend on feedback from readers like you.