Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm not dead!

At least not physically! I apologize profusely for not having blogged in eons, but I have been incredibly busy lately -- with family stuff (stressing over family members affected by Hurricane Ike, sick family members, birthdays, etc.), kid/school stuff and, not least of all, with Craft Fair stuff.

I have been working my ... um ... FINGERS, yes, that's it! FINGERS off trying to get things ready. I now have several frames, eight Scripture Flip Books (although I may send one to a friend who is really going through a hard time right now), umpteen hundred cards and some notecard/Christmas card packets. I would like to have time to make pretty boxes or pouches or something for the card packets, but we'll have to see. I may just end up tying them with a pretty ribbon or something. OH! And I made a few "test tube" sets for decorating cookies and for escaping to the bathtub (i.e., with bath salts, etc. in them). Once I get all the sprinkles, etc. for the cookies ones, and all the bath salts for the bath ones, I'll photograph them and post them so you'll see what I'm talking about.

I have a lot of things to show, I've just been pretty lazy about scanning/photographing them. Well, and as I said, busy. So I am really planning to just take everything outside tomorrow (that can't be scanned) and getting it all done. I don't want to sell things I haven't documented that I created!

In the meantime, my spending moratorium has come and gone. How did I do? Well -- I still ended up spending a lot of money on "necessities" like cardstock, adhesive, that kind of thing. I cheated toward the end of the last week and bought some clear stamps in the "Hot Spot" at Archivers (two clear stamps per package, at $1.99 per package) that I "needed" to finish a birthday card. And of course there were a couple of other cute stamps in the bucket so I had to get those, right? But basically, I feel pretty good about how I did, and that I didn't just go and order/buy on the spur of the moment or on impulse stamp sets that were being shown in blogs or advertised.

However, I'm NOT happy with what I did the day the moratorium expired. I went straight to Michaels (on the pretense that I needed sprinkles for the Christmas Cookie decorating kit), and when I couldn't find the sprinkles I wanted, I discovered they had paper pads for 40% off and immediately bought three K and Co. pads that I fell in love with. And I also placed a Stampin' Up! order for two stamp sets and the square scallop punch. And immediately felt like I had gorged on chocolate cake or something. It's not a nice feeling to binge-spend like that (even if it is "only" a tenner here and a twenty there). Hopefully that taught me as much as or more than the moratorium!

Oh, and I got the new Phil Joel CD and it is AWESOME!! So I highly recommend that you click on the link in my sidebar right now and purchase it. (Phil is not paying me for this endorsement, BTW.) ;-)

If you're still with me, I'll elaborate a bit on that first paragraph. My brother lives in Houston. So does my niece and her boyfriend and their baby (oh he is SUCH a sweet baby pookums!). So does my nephew. My aunt and one of her daughters and her daughter's family live in Dickenson, which is close to the coast and on a bayou. Her other daughter-and-family lives in San Leon, right on the coast. Her son lives in Clute, which is also on the coast. So we were stressing pretty heavily about Ike. But God is amazingly good, and my brother and his kids and grandkid came out just fine (they live in the Sugar Land area so weren't hit all that hard except for high winds and some rain). We had heard Dickenson was hit pretty hard, including flooding, and that San Leon and Clute were pretty severely hit. Well, praise God, when my aunt got back home to check on things, she "only" had most of her trees down (she had LOTS of trees), but none had fallen on the house, and no water had gotten into the house at all! Similar story with my cousin who lives there. My cousin who lives in Clute actually lives a bit out in the country, inland, so his house and property were spared. And my cousin who lives in San Leon also came out well -- her house is up on 8-foot stilts, and the water came all the way up to the top of the stilts but didn't get into the house! Only a couple of old cars and an old boat were damaged (they were in the garage under the house). So we are definitely praising God about that!

As for all the sick people -- well, my mom still has her intestinal problems, and was hit with vertigo this week. My oldest brother (who is living with them for awhile) has something called Spasmodic Dysphonia, which is spasms in the vocal chords that causes one to lose their voice. He had Botox shots in his throat to help that (it's standard treatment), but they just made things worse (which unfortunately happens sometimes), so he's dealing with that. Fortunately the panic attacks and other issues that brought him to my folks' house are getting better. And there's the deal with my niece in Pennsylvania who had the seizure. She nearly had another one the other day, but the meds they put her on managed to stop it before it got too far. She has two tests she has yet to hear back from, so we're still praying there's nothing too serious going on. And my husband is still having major neck pain from his rear-ending weeks ago and is now in phys therapy for that.

And the kid is -- well, a teenager. A great kid, but a teenager, as I have said before. And that keeps me on my toes and on my knees a lot. I just volunteered for several things at his school (most involving the Latin Club, but a couple of other things as well). I hope I wasn't a total idiot to sign up for so much! (For me it's a lot -- for a stronger, healthier woman it wouldn't be much at all.)

So now I've written a Leon Uris-length novel, guess I'll close this up. I really do hope to have some piccies for you tomorrow (that's pronounced "pickies", short for pictures). Just gotta get off my rear end and take 'em!

Blessings to all of you! (The few who are still with me!)


Lynn said...

I am glad to see you back here. I was worried when I heard Ike was headed to Texas. I prayed for you and your family. I am glad all is safe.

I see you have been busy for the craft fair. I am praying your tthings go over good for it.

Stacy said...

Thank you, Lynn! I'm just glad I have any readers left!!