Saturday, September 27, 2008

Messin' with the blog layout

Hi! As you can tell (if you're looking at the blog online), I've changed my Blogger template. I'm trying to go with a more semi-Autumnal look, and I've designed my own banner, so I hope you like it! I'm having trouble getting used to the sidebar being on the left, though. And the main body being so wide. But I guess I'll get used to it over time.

So today I am feeling a bit better. Not anywhere near 100%, but my throat isn't hurting at all. It settled into my sinuses, so yesterday was the day from sinus h*ll. After two days on antibios and doing sinus rinses and taking lots of Mucinex, the sinuses are at least mostly clear, although they are definitely still inflamed, etc. In fact, I have a killer sinus headache right now, so I don't know what business I have even being on the computer, much less designing blog headers. I'm dying to get back into the craft loft, but I know that will have to wait.

But, luckily for you, I still have things to show you! So, here's today random pick:

This was actually the first set of Christmas cards I made for the craft fair, I just didn't get around to scanning it until the other day. Stamps are from SU's "Holy Triptych" ("Holy Triptych, Batman!" -- so sorry, that ALWAYS pops into my head when I hear, see, mention or type the name of that set!) I don't know where I got the Luke Chapter 2 paper, I've had it at least since last year, maybe even the year before. But I thought it was perfect for the stamps. Oh, and I also stamped on the green CS, and I think it's pine boughs from the "Peaceful Wishes" SU set. Anyway, again, 8 of these in a set, with envelopes. These are 5"x7" cards. Whaddya think -- is $20/box too much to ask? I mean, because if I'm charging $3/card (it would have been $4, but I lowered it because of the bank crisis -- yeesh), 3x8=24, so they're getting a bargain. Or should it be $18? Any opinions? (Thanks for your input on the coasters, Debbie, BTW!)

It's getting down to the wire, and I need to start making up my mind about pricing on these things. I'm actually wavering about the $4/card vs. $3/card. I mean, it IS a craft fair, and it's in a fairly well-off part of town, so would $4/card be too much to ask? I don't want to have to do an end-of-the-day markdown like I've had to do before because the venues wouldn't support the $4/card price. I totally think my cards (most of them) are worth that. When you consider the amount of time I put in on them, and the resources involved, that's actually a bargain. But I know people are freakin' about the economy. Maybe not so much around here, though. But the thing is, I want to sell LOTS of cards and make a decent amount of money, not sell a few cards at $4 and make a little money, like I've done before. (And don't get me started on Etsy and the online craft places where there are tons of people who totally undercut ...). Anyway, what do y'all think? I need help here. (If you need refreshing on what my cards look like without having to go through all the entries, you can click on my Picasa link on the side ... it's the account that Blogger automatically sets up for their bloggers that stores all the pictures I post, so it will have a few non-card pics, too, but I know you can live with that ;-) The newest cards -- the ones I'll be selling -- are at the end.)

Anyway, my head is really starting to scream at me, so I think I'll call it an entry (as opposed to "a day") and leave it at that for now. Hope you're having a great weekend! Oh, and please tell me what you think of my new look!


Lynn said...

Even though I think your cards are worth $4, I think you should sell them for $3 so you can sell more. I think you should sell the box of Christmas cards for $18. But, if you sold it for $20 then you could mark it down to $18 a couple hours in if you needed to.

I like the new style on the blog. When I first came to it, it took me by shock but it is cute and Fall looking.

stampmonkey said...

You've been busy lately with all your craft fair projects -- they're all lovely, Stacy! I have never sold cards or coasters (or anything, really), so I'm sorry I can't be of any help. Best of luck to you and I hope you sell everything...and get orders for more!

Your new blog design is really pretty too!

And, fellow-sickie, I hope we both start feeling better real soon! I'm still in bed feeling like I've been run over by a truck, but at least it's MY bed and not a hospital bed. Gotta be thankful for that. ;) You're in my prayers -- and hang in there with the teen thing. All you can do is what you're doing. Don't quit.

Niki said...

Your cards are lovely. I don't know your market in Tx. Up here, in CO, most of the people I know who sell cards price them at $3 or $3.50 per card.

I think $20 for a box of 8 is a good deal. Beautiful Christmas cards are hard to find at any price.

The new blog layout threw me for a minute. I like the header, and will adjust to having the links and stuff on the left instead of the right. I'm just a little slow on Mon AM.

Hope you're feeling better soon,