Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh, I LOVE a church that ROCKS!!!

Okay, yes, we did go to a different church this morning. We managed to drag the kid along even though he "felt like he had a cold" (he had been complaining of a sore throat before we dropped the going-to-another-church thing on him, so it was legit, but I checked out his throat and it wasn't that red, so I'm thinking bad allergies). We chose a church a friend of mine goes to, and it was AWESOME!! Now, this church is not for the faint of heart, where music is concerned, nor for the more "traditional" person. It was like going to a Christian rock show during the praise and worship part, but for me that was fantastic! I am such a rocker girl at heart (not heavy metal or anything, just good ol' Rock-n-Roll, baby), and I loved every minute of it, even if I couldn't hear myself sing. (Well, okay, I hated that I couldn't hear myself sing because I like to hear myself sing, lol.)

And the sermon was excellent. It had to do with how we try to hide things from other people and from God, but that He knows it all, and we should give it all to Him, not try to be in control. It touched on rebellion, all that (so of course it was great for a teenager to hear!), and it was soundly Biblically based, drawn from the 3rd chapter of Genesis. So I was so energized when it was all over. I still love our church, but I will have to go to this one from time to time to get my rock hit. They do have services on Sunday evenings, too, and ours doesn't, so maybe we could do that occasionally.

I do wish, however, that we could get video panels to put behind our praise team, do a kind of light show thing like they did at this other church. It was so awesome! *SIGH*

Okay, on to stamping. I'm going to show you the Scripture flip books I made (appropriate for Sunday, dontcha think? Even though most of you won't read this on Sunday, but God's Word is appropriate every day of the week). I had so much fun gathering the Bible verse stamps for this (and didn't end up using NEARLY all that I have). I wanted to focus on encouragement verses, because I know I need those so often in my own life, and I highly suspect there are lots of other folks who do, too. So here's what they look like:

I did five of the pink fronts, and five of the green, although the insides are all identical. I used a rotating color scheme of blue, green, pink and purple for the inside pages, which look like this:

Every page uses the same two stamps from Club Stamp, and they have a misted or sponged border at the left side and top using the darker of the two colors for that page (i.e., if I used Perfect Plum and Pale Plum, the border was Perfect Plum). I started out using my Marker Spritzer tool-thingy, but after awhile it really hurt my wrist and hands to do it over and over, so I switched to sponging with one of the round yellow sponges cut into quarters and "roughed up" a bit on the edge I was using. It gave a similar effect and was easier on the hands/wrists.

I made the "easel" for the book by studying a larger flip book I have and modifying it to fit this one. You know how SU designer paper packs come with that glossy backing chipboard sheet? I used those to make the cover/easel! For some odd reason (which I now believe to be Divinely inspired) I saved almost all the ones that I've gotten through the years, and I had plenty to use, even extras for the couple of times I screwed up and scored in the wrong place or cut a piece too small. And the way the sizes worked out, I was able to cut off the SU label so I didn't have to worry about that showing on the flip books!

So here's what it looks like from the side, with the easel part showing (the cover flips back, the fold-over flap is what's sticking out in back):

And I used Velcro dots for the back closure (another Divinely inspired thing -- I'd bought them years ago, don't even remember what for, never used them, and when I was cleaning up awhile back I found them, so I didn't have to go buy any!). I smudged out my signature on the photos for security reasons:

So there it is! My prayer is that these books will be purchased by or for people who really need the encouragement these verses provide. There are 33 verses (that's 330 pages to be stamped and misted/sponged, not counting goof ups!!!), plus an introductory page and a stamp credits page. I used my Bind-it-All to bind it all (boo!).

I got the title (God-inspired) from a Phil Joel song (where else?). He has one called "Life is Fragile" where there's a line that says, "... nonetheless there remains perfect hope that will lead us to rest, perfect rest." And that's the whole point of these verses. I had been having a real dickens of a time coming up with a title (you know me and titles!), and I asked God to please help me come up with one, and that song came into my head, and there it was! So, thank you, Lord, for the inspiration! And thank you, too, Phil! ;-)

Okay, it's getting close to dinner time. We always do "scrounge" on Sunday nights because we eat a pretty hearty lunch over at my parents' house, so I'll just probably have a couple of frozen waffles with some peanutbutter. Oh, well, and there goes the dryer yelling at me to come get the clothes out. So I guess my blogging time is over for today!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


Shirley said...

Sounds like the church I went to before I moved out here.

hemidemisemiquaver said...

These are GREAT! Thanks for sharing :)