Saturday, September 06, 2008

Titles are not my strong point

This is true whether I'm blogging or writing novels. I stink at titles. Well, for novels anyway. The only titles I've ever liked have been the ones I came up with for my Star Wars Alternative Universe Fan Fiction. I guess I did okay with my LOTR "Derivative Fiction" stories, too. But anything else (the non-other-people's-work-related stories -- i.e., the ones I've made up entirely on my own) I haven't even come up with titles for yet! There's probably some deep psychological reason for that, but I have no clue what it could be.

ANYway ... I finally made it into the craft loft yesterday afternoon and made the most adorable bag-thingies to put a couple of note card sets into. Unfortunately, you don't get to see them today because that requires photographing them, and photographing them requires finding a good spot to do it, and that requires effort, and I'm not up for that kind of effort today (besides, it hot outside, which is where the best places would be). So, hopefully tomorrow. They're really cute, and I can't wait to show them to you, so I'll do that as soon as I'm up for it!

In the meantime, I'll show you the other two frames I've finished so far. Don't get too excited, they're pretty basic:

This one is actually the first frame I attempted. I used an early Rhonna Farrer flourish acrylic stamp, and for some reason these don't stamp as well as most later acrylics do. Maybe it's just me, I don't know, but the images tend to be a bit "mushy". I don't have that problem with many of my MANY other acrylic/photopolymer stamps. Anyway, I used pigment ink, too, so that may be why the images came out a bit, as I said, mushy. I was going for a look a teen girl might like, but I think it ended up being more of something for a tween. No biggie, I don't care who it appeals to as long as someone pays money for it! lol I spiffed it up with Stickles and the word "friends" from a retired SU set. For the word, I stamped it in dye rainbow ink, then used an aquapainter (quickly!) to spread the ink into the letters for a semi-watercolored look. Anyway, hopefully some teen/tween girl will squeal and have to have it and her indulgent mother/father/grandparent will shuck out $8 or so for it (it's a 5x7 with the mat making the actual photo space smaller).

And this one, which I admit I like a whole lot better:

This is the same frame as the one above, but I did the "Veined Marble" TJ technique on the mat instead of stamping on it. I really, really like this look. So simple, but really elegant (or cool, depending on how you see it! lol).

So I still have two more frames to decorate, plus two that I bought for 5x7 card fronts instead of pictures (I will supply the card fronts, sell 'em fully furnished, as it were). I also have two sets of "add your own photo" coasters to add my own stamped somethings to. And then today I ordered four sets of five glass tubes with screw tops (they look kinda like test tubes) and clear plastic boxes that I can put them in and decorate to sell with some kind of goodies in the tubes. I'll show you later where I got the inspiration and what I'm talking about.

And today I decided I'm just gonna suck up and finish the Scripture flip books this weekend. That's the goal, anyway. I've done sixteen Bible verses (10 of each) so far, and have sixteen to go, then I have to make and decorate the covers, then assemble and bind them all together with the Bind-it-All that I've had forever and never yet used! So, yeah, it's a goal ... I hope I can do it, though. I want to get those done so I can just relax and finish up what I've got left to do.

So, hey, didja notice the widget in my sidebar announcing Phil Joel's new CD? I'm really excited about it, even though I haven't heard a single song from it yet. Weird, I know, since you can mouse over it and hear samples, and you can hear samples on the website, too. But both my guys are home this weekend, and, I d'know -- they just make me feel so ... teeny bopper or something about my PJ obsession, so I decided I'd just wait and listen sometime when they aren't around to make me feel self-conscious. I did order the CD this morning. I'd rather have a nice, hard copy CD in my hand than just a download, then I can burn songs to the computer and copy them to my MP3 player and have it all! Woot! Anyway, if you're interested, give a listen. Phil's such a cool guy, you can download it for whatever you want to spend (minimum $1), or it sounds like you can just recommend it (officially, via the website) to three friends and maybe get it free. Dang it, Phil, I love you! (Completely platonically, of course -- Bjorn and Heather need not worry.)

Let's see, anything else I need to tell ... Oh, yes! Hey, those of you who have "prayer knees," I would appreciate it greatly if you would keep my niece Kacy (25 years old) in your prayers. On Thursday while she was at work she wasn't feeling well, kinda nauseous, and turned to go to the bathroom and just fell down right there and had a seizure! She has never had one before in her life, and this was a major one. One of the guys she works with (I think it's in a Dollar General warehouse) saw and came tearing the length of the warehouse to grab her and make sure she didn't swallow her tongue. She had to go to the hospital by ambulance, and of course they did an MRI and several other tests. It doesn't look like there's anything wrong with her brain, though they haven't ruled out epilepsy yet. She had some weird blood sugar readings, and there was something about some of her blood platelets being larger than normal (no clue what that could mean). So we have no idea what's going on with her. She did mention that she had just started on the antidepressant Zoloft a week before, but she said she's taken it before and didn't have any kind of problems with it. (I still think it could be the culprit, though, having had my share of antidepressants AND side effects!) She's single and has a 6 year old daughter, no boyfriend and no family up in Pennsylvania where she lives, although she does have quite a few friends, I think. I just can't stand to think of this happening to her. She is such a precious, skinny little thing (well, not "little" -- she's probably as tall as me -- 5'7" -- or a little taller), and very self-assured, very outgoing and everybody likes her. (Not that unlikeable people deserve seizures, but I'm just trying to describe her to you.) She isn't allowed to drive or work until they figure out what's wrong with her. Thankfully she and her daughter live close enough to school that she can walk her there. Oh, she's not supposed to be by herself at all, either. So, yep, Aunt Stacy and Grandmommy and Granddaddy and other various uncles and cousins are worried about her (as I'm sure her parents are, too, I just haven't heard from either of them -- they're divorced). So please keep Kacy and her daughter in your prayers. We're really praying that this is nothing serious, nothing ongoing, just a one-shot weird thing that's cleared up now and won't happen again. It's not like she gets tremendous pay or bennies (that we know of) where she works, either.

Okay, well, the dryer is screaming at me to come take the clothes out, and after that I desperately need a nap. Aidan is going on his high school retreat tomorrow (through his Christian school -- isn't that cool?), and someone at some point has to go to the grocery store to get our assigned snacks and drinks to take. Don't know who that will be since I still don't feel well, Bjorn isn't feeling well and Aidan can't drive!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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