Saturday, October 11, 2008

And it will be Autumn when?

Okay, I really shouldn't complain. I mean, our temps are "only" in the 80s (F), as opposed to the 90s and 100s we had all summer, but I am SO ready for "crisp and cool". Which, of course here doesn't happen really until next month sometime, if we're lucky. Still, I have no leg to stand on for whining. When we lived in Arizona, it was often November before the temps dropped out of the 90s -- we could still have 100s in October! (I remember sending Aidan to school dressed for Halloween as a Lego man, which we accomplished by putting him in blue and white sweats with a Lego logo ironed onto the sweatshirt, then painting his whole face yellow with Halloween face paint. Poor kid, he nearly died of heat stroke in the clothes, and by the end of the school day had sweated off most of the face paint! We had to do a total re-do for trick-or-treating!)

Now that Aidan's too old for Halloween, I don't care for it much anymore. I never have liked the witches, goblins, devils, evil aspect of it. (That's why I don't make Halloween cards or have any Halloween stamps unless they come in a set of all-season stamps.) I had a hard time deciding to even let him dress up for it (Bjorn wasn't a Christian back in Aidan's earliest years), but I DO love the "dress up" part, so I finally settled on letting him dress up, as long as it had nothing to do with things that would not please God, and letting him go around our block (we trusted all our neighbors there on our block in Arizona), and to a couple of other houses we trusted. At his Arizona school, they got to come to school dressed in their costumes. When we moved to Texas, they didn't do that, and their Halloween carnival was aimed at the lower grades. So after dressing up as an Elf Archer in 4th grade (a la Legolas -- and boy, did my mom and I put a lot of effort into THAT costume for very little "show"), he decided he was done with Halloween. And I was SOOOO glad! I wish I had a digital photo of that costume so I could just pop it in here to show you (I'm too lazy to go get it and scan it), but I will show you -- bravely -- a couple of pics from a Halloween party we did attend a couple of years later that some friends hosted, and which I kinda got carried away with ...

Pirates of Suburbia!
See? I have totally never grown up.

OKAY ... on to better things! I promised I would show you the last of my Mini-magazine holder card sets, so here it is:

This is the holder that goes with the With Gratitude set I showed you here. I decided I needed a fancy box to put this set in. I made two of them and they are, as yet, unsold. Again, I used the same set (Papertrey Ink's "Firstfruits") and papers as the cards.
Here is the back view:

And the front:

Gosh, I love that Pacific Point color!! I'm gonna be sad when it's no longer available next year. I am so hoping that after a few years of these In Color years, they'll revamp the whole color system and put some of them into the regular batch. And Pacific Point had better be one of them! ;-)

Okay, I've been goofing off enough today, so I suppose I'd better go get some work done. I hope to make it into the loft today/this evening. Last night I wanted to but was too tired, so we ended up downloading a Marx Brothers film ("Monkey Business") from Netflix and watching it. I'd never seen an entire Marx Brothers film before. It was very funny!

Off to put away clean clothes and fold towels and sheets and ... *SIGH* Boy, is the stamp loft calling my name! Must ... resist ... (I wouldn't, except that Bjorn is home and I need to look like I at least know how to do some housework, KWIM?)

Happy Weekend

P.S. -- if you subscribe to my blog via e-mail and you didn't get the last one that starts out talking about the Alzheimer's research ribbon in my sidebar, please let me know. I subscribe, too, just to make sure things are going smoothly, and this is the second -- not in a row -- entry I haven't gotten via e-mail. Thanks!

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