Monday, October 20, 2008

Early Voting

Yay! Early voting started in Texas today, so I went on down to the nearest Early Voting site (a grocery store -- very convenient!) and cast my ballot for president/vice president and all the other positions that had people running. It felt good to get it over and done with, but I do have to admit it was a bit anticlimactic. I guess I sorta felt like it would feel somehow ... BIG, this being a rather tight and BIG election. But it just felt like, "Well, there, I went and did my civic duty, exercised my right, made my voice heard and now it's time to go turn in my overdue library books." I'm glad I did it, though. No matter who you're going to vote for, please remember to vote! (Especially if you're going to vote for my favored candidates! lol)

Now, on to other important things -- I made a CARD!!! Yes! I started it on Saturday but didn't finish it until yesterday evening, then forgot -- yes, FORGOT -- to make a blog post! I am ashamed! I promise I love y'all, but we were watching a most excellent movie ("Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead" -- sounds horrible, but it's really funny in a weird, surreal, halfway intellectual sort of way), then after it was over I was tired and just wanted to go to bed. Of course, I stayed up reading until 11:30, which is WAY past my school-night bedtime, but the book is SO good ... more on it later, but here's the card:

I used the "Flourished Christian Symbols" set from Our Daily Bread Designs set, just like I said I was going to last post. I LOVE this set! I was actually trying to pay homage to a card I had saved to my hard drive eons ago (so I don't know who made it or where I got it and I have since deleted it from the computer, it's just on a printout now ...) Anyway, the original had swirls in the background, similar to what I did, and it had script words behind the focal panel, which was a large tulip, in purple and green. The right side of the focal panel was torn, and the tulip background was pretty much just a vanilla color. I can't remember all the details right now (as usual, I'm downstairs at the computer, not upstairs in the loft), but it was a gorgeous card.

So I did mine this way, modifying it in the following ways: I used the swirl from SU's "Baroque Motifs" for the background, stamped in (I think) Brocade Blue on Very Vanilla cardstock. I did the TJ "Silken Mist" tech for the medium panel background, then stamped a "German Bible Excerpt" stamp from Ma Vinci's Reliquary at the left bottom corner in Staz-On Black. I stamped the cross on Whisper White using a "double-inking" technique (my name for it) I learned from Michelle Zindorf's tutorials where you ink the stamp first with Versamark, then immediately ink it again with the dye ink of your choice (here, Pacific Point), then stamped it. (This is for colors you don't have in pigment ink, but want to emboss.) Then I embossed it in Clear Ultra Gloss EP. Then I sponged around the edges with the Brocade Blue (or whatever it was I used on the swirl), starting dark and then going lighter toward the middle. I sponged Pacific Point around the edges. After that I sponged all over the piece VERY LIGHTLY with the blue shade of Opalites (I'm SO bad at remembering non-SU ink names!). Then I wiped the Opalite off the embossed bits, and colored in the negative spaces on the cross with a white gel pen.

(TIP for white gel pen use: Hold it straight up and down and let the tip touch the paper only very lightly. I learned this through trial and error over many, many tries at using the darned thing over the couple of years that I've had it. It flows SO much better when you're not using much force, like you would on a regular pen!)

After that it's pretty self-explanatory. The punch I used is the "Threading Water" edger by Fiskars, and the mat colors are the same SU blues as the inks. The little pearls are just the stick-on kind that you can get from Archivers or wherever.

The verse is from Biblical Impressions, and the swirl behind it is just the same one from Baroque Motifs.

Anyway, it was actually pretty tough pulling this card off -- I had a lot of trouble translating the original card into something that was NOT a pretty-much-CASE, it took me forever to decide on the background for the middle panel, and ... let's just say I was mojo-ly challenged.

I finished another card tonight that I started last night after finishing this one. It was like pulling TEETH to get my mojo cranking for it, but I'll wait until another time to show you.

So I guess the book I'm reading isn't necessarily something everyone would be interested in. Bjorn and I went to the Half Price Bookstore the other night, and I was just about to leave the place empty-handed when, over in the history section, on the display was a book called Sudden Sea. It's about the 1938 Hurricane that wiped out a big chunk of the Rhode Island coast and did severe damage in several other places (Connecticut, Long Island, Massachusetts). I never even knew there had been a major hurricane up there, in 1938 or any other time (this one was a Cat 5), so, weather buff that I am, I had to get the book. That led me over to the Texas History section to try to find a book about the 1900 Hurricane in Galveston, and, lo and behold, there was one there! It's called Mr. Isaac's Storm (or maybe Dr. Isaac, I don't remember), and it looks pretty good, too. (Mr./Dr. Isaac was the meteorologist on the island at the time.) Anyway, the one about the New England hurricane is really interesting, gripping but not morbid. It was a really horrible thing how it was mis-forecast and came so suddenly upon these people, and how entire sections of beachfront homes were just wiped clean off the beaches, etc. It's a hard book to put down, so that's why I was up too late last night reading!

Well, I'm going to go see if I can get some writing or something done before bedtime tonight. The pastor is over here and he and my guys are discussing the first few "chapters" of C. S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters. I'd love to know what they're saying in there, but I promised Bjorn I would make myself scarce so that Aidan would feel more free to discuss without MOM around.

Hope everyone is doing well and craftily inspired!

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Shirley said...

A really beautiful card, Stacy. The scallops and the pearls really dress it up and emphasize your main image too!