Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Mini Magazine Holders for Christmas card sets

Another thing that didn't sell ... okay, I did sell both of the snowflake ones, one to a customer and one to my sister-in-law. Maybe my prices were too high (SIL got a discount), but I definitely think these are purchase-worthy:

Full-on side view: This holds the Snowflake cards I showed you in this post. I used pretty much the same ingredients, except I opted not to go with the Stickles and rhinestones (to save time). I used the instructions and template from Becky Roberts of Inking Idaho blog fame, found here and here, and then sized it up for my A2 cards (the tutorial fits 3"x3" cards, I think). I also made one for my 5"x7" cards, which I'll show you at another date.

Anyway, here's what the back looks like:

And the front:

I want to open an online store, but I was looking that up on the 'net today, and they're expensive! Cheapest I found was $15/month, and it was limited on how many items you could display for sale. So I'm still working on maybe doing it from here, but y'all aren't gonna be the ones who want to buy from me. Any suggestions? And please don't mention Etsy or eBay, I'd really rather not have to deal with direct competition.

Anyway, that's all I have tonight. Tomorrow I get to go watch Aidan be inducted into the National Honor Society at his school! I'm so proud of him. He actually had to write an essay on what community service-type things he's done and how they've affected him, and what they've meant to him spiritually in order to be picked for this (in addition to his grades and teacher/staff recommendations). He hated doing the essay, even though he did, thankfully, have a few things to write about. Fortunately he did a good enough job to get in! So that's ONE more good thing on his college application resume that will hopefully help with the scholarships and getting into the college of his choice (which I hope will be nearby ... like maybe UT?)

Okay, gotta run. It's bedtime and I NEED it! Hopefully I'll remember to tell you next time about unmounting my wheels ...

Have a good 'un!


Anonymous said...

I really like this box. How many cards does it hold? Do you only have Christmas designs? I might be interested in buying one but I kind of wanted one that would be good for all seasons. How much are they?


Stacy said...

Lynn, all the boxes hold eight cards, which are included. Both of the snowflake designs have been sold. Most of the others are Christmas, though I do have one "With Gratitude" set. I'll be posting those over the next few days. Thanks for your interest!

Lynn said...

I like the Peaceful Wishes one. What would be the cost with shipping?

Stacy said...

Lynn, contact me at my e-mail ( and we'll talk!