Thursday, October 09, 2008

More mini-mag card holders

First off I thought I would direct your attention to my sidebar, where I have a purple ribbon in honor of Alzheimer's research. (If you're reading my blog via e-mail or a feed, you'll have to go to the blog itself to check it out.) It's a pretty cool deal. With a few clicks, you can help raise $10,000 for the Alzheimer's Association. Just add the purple ribbon to your blog or website and will contribute $10 to the Alzheimer's Association. The Alzheimer’s ribbon widget can be personalized with a loved one’s name and comes in different shades and sizes to help match your website. I mean, how simple, ay? So click on the ribbon to see how you can get the ribbon for YOUR blog or website, and at the same time help fund Alzheimer's research -- it's cool, and it's free! (Thanks, Shirley, for posting this on your blog, which is where I found it.)

Okay, tonight I thought I'd quickly show you some more of my mini-magazine card holders. First, the one that holds the "Peaceful Wishes" cards shown here. Again, just a re-vamped version of the card, using the same ingredients (except that I used a Sakura Glaze pen on the front berries instead of Liquid Pearls, like I did on the cards).

Side on:

Back angle view:

Front angle view:

And, again, I did the same thing with my Holy Triptych cards, only these are 5"x7" cards, so I had to size the template up even further.

It was fortunate that I had saved the scraps leftover from the Luke Chapter 2 Bible page paper -- they were the perfect width for putting down the spine of the magazine holder! The rick-rack on this is, I think, May Arts. I got it at Archivers. I didn't do anything fancy with the front view, so no need to show you that. I just stamped the holly (?) branch from the "Peaceful Wishes" set all over the cardstock in Versamark to make the "patterned paper".

So all of my mini-mag holders fit 8 cards with 9 envies, but I had to make the ones for the Christmas card sets wider to accommodate the layers and frufy bits. And I did sell the cards WITH the holders. I started out at $18 per set (hey, I was selling individual cards for $3 each, so 8 of those would have been $24 -- this was a bargain, even more so since they came with the cute holders!), but ended up cutting the price back to $15. With all the work I put in, that was the lowest I could stand to go. A box of store-boughts at full price can be that much, if you get the foiled kind, and mine are hand-made, so, hey ...

Anyway, that's all I have time to show you tonight. I did make one other set of cards with the mini-mag holder box, so I'll show that to you next time.

Aidan's Honor Society induction was short but sweet. I was surprised that there were only six inductees! But then again, the entire school, K-12 has fewer than 500 kids in it (the High School only has around 70 of those). Given that the kids in this school are mostly above-average (sounds like Lake Woebegone, doesn't it! lol), it does surprise me that more of them didn't meet the criteria, which is a minimum 3.5 grade point average, plus evidence of leadership skills, good character, and willingness to serve. Once the kids are in it they have to maintain the minimum 3.5 GPA, plus do 10 hours per school year of tutoring and 10 hours of community service. Heck, back in my day we only had to keep the grades up! But I like these criteria -- if you're going to be in an "Honor" society, then it needs to be more than just about grades, IMHO. Anyway, he was the tallest of the six inductees (the girl he likes was the shortest!), and he looked incredibly dashing in his black jeans, black shirt, really cool tie and black dress shoes. *SIGH* Yep, I'm a proud mom, alright. And very, very thankful to the One who created this kid!

Okay, I will end my post now, and get on with some writing that I've been wanting to do. Hey, BTW, y'all won't tell my husband that I spent over $400 today on a contact lens exam and new progressive-lens contacts, will you? (YIKES!!!!! What vanity will do for ya!) It went on the flex spending card, so maybe he won't notice (until the money runs out six months too early!) It would be EXTREMELY nice if his company could give us vision insurance.

Have a great Friday (or whatever day you're reading this)!


Barb Hardeman said...

I love your mini Magazine Holders. You've done an awesome job on each of them.

Etha said...

oh wow those card holders are just wonderful!! and the cards themselves of course too, thanks for sharing ;)