Monday, October 13, 2008

Second set of coasters

I realized that I never had photographed the second set of coasters I'd made for the craft fair, so I ran out and did that Saturday afternoon. I meant to post the pics yesterday, but we had some old friends (not in age, just as in "of old") come to visit my parents after lunch, so I spent the entire afternoon and early evening over there. It was a lot of fun -- two sisters, one the same age as my oldest brother (which would be nine years older than me), and one five years older than that. Since my brother is currently staying at my parents' house, he and the younger sister spent a lot of time saying "Do you remember so-and-so?" from our church "back home" in West Texas. She seemed to know where a lot of them are now, so David got caught up on them. I just had fun listening and remembering a lot of the families I grew up around at church. The sisters were the daughters of a couple of my parents very close friends back then, and they, as well as their parents, were involved heavily in our church's Vietnamese ministry together with my parents. Did any of that make sense? Anyway, I was around them a lot, and I really liked them, so it was fun to get to spend time with them again. However, I am one of those people who are exhausted by "social situations" instead of energized by them, so I was completely wiped out by the time I got home and didn't get anything done I had planned for the day except a little writing.

Anyway, here are the pics of the coasters. I used the "Pocket Silhouettes" set from SU, and did the "Colorwash Batik" technique from Technique Junkies, using my own colorwash concoction of Pacific Point reinker, water and a dash of Micro Pearl PearlEx. It didn't dry as dark as I wanted it to, but I still like the color.

Don't you just love the Autumn leaves in the background on these pics? HA! They're just old dead leaves that have been around forever, but they DO look rather Autumnal in the photo, so we'll just go with that, shall we? lol

Well, I think that's it for the craft fair stuff. That means I need to get my rear back into the craft loft and get to making things! I actually did make something today -- can't decide if it's worthy of showing off or not, so I'll wait until a day passes and see what I think tomorrow. I've been SO INCREDIBLY tired today, and I'm wondering if it's not a side effect of the flu shot I got on Friday. My dad and brother both said they felt rotten after theirs, so maybe that's it. I did get out today, even though it was Columbus Day ("Observed") and we didn't have to go anywhere. I went to Michaels because they had their 24-marker Prismacolor marker sets on sale 40% off and I thought I might get me a set. They're alcohol markers, like Copics, only reportedly cheaper. Well, the set was still WAY too expensive, even with the discount, so I didn't end up getting it. I haven't committed to becoming a "colorer", so I didn't want to invest that much yet.

Okay, guess I'll toddle off and write a bit before bedtime. Aidan and Bjorn have been doing their Wii Fit tonight (we've all been terrible slackers lately), but I just don't have the juice to do it. Hope you all have a great day (and I hope my Canadian readers had a great Thanksgiving today)!


Shirley said...

I love your coasters. That color blue is just so pretty. Let us see anything you do for the craft fair lady!

'American Dreamer' said...

Afraid I haven't on the blogs for a long time, I see you've been busy.
I've chosen your blog as one my seven favorites.
Please go to my blog and copy and paste the little picture award and put it on your site.
You may choose seven others in your turn.
I hope you won't wait as long as I did, it's a 2008 award and the end of the year is nigh.
Love you cuz...

Barb Hardeman said...

Oh, these are delightful! I love the pearlized look y9u got to them and the blue is wonderful. Love, love, love 'em!