Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ahhhhhh ... just what my soul needed

Torrey Pines State Park from the beach near La Jolla/Del Mar, CA.

Oh hai! (As they say in lolcat land) I'm sitting here in San Diego in my brother-in-law's house listening to a game of "Farmer Bridge" going on (it's a Norwegian card game), while my sister-in-law is on her computer and the twins are (hopefully) asleep upstairs. It's been a very busy day and I'm wiped!

This morning we went up to Encinitas to the Quail Botanical Gardens. There's a children's garden there that has a garden-scale train that the twins LOVE, and they were dying to go see it, so we thought it would be fun. After watching them for awhile, Bjorn, Aidan and I headed off on our own to see the awesome flora they have there -- it's a small place, but full of really beautiful and exotic stuff! They even have a New Zealand Garden!! (Okay, they have an Australia Garden, too, which was also cool.) So we wandered around and I took WAAAAYYY too many pictures of plants of various types. They also have a bamboo garden, and I went nuts taking pictures of black bamboo, yellow bamboo, striped bamboo, "spotted" bamboo ... apparently I'm going to be doing a Bamboo Retrospective exhibit somewhere! lol

Here's a pic of Aidan looking at the black bamboo:

And here is a pic of one of the native New Zealand species, the Titoki, which is a kind of soapberry tree. I thought the berries were really cool-looking. Bjorn felt of them and said they felt "weird" (as in "interesting"):

I took about a jillion more pictures there, but I'll try to spread them out and not post them all tonight ... ;-)

Then we went to the beach. We went to the beach yesterday, too, but it was freezing cold and, valiant try though we gave it, we finally threw in the towel after about an hour and went down to La Jolla Cove and walked along the beach walk there (where it was still cold, but Bjorn's sister really wanted to take us down there so we went -- and it was a pretty cool place). The sun finally came out just at sunset, and we decided to watch the sun go down before going to find a Starbucks. It was a good thing we did -- it was an INCREDIBLE sunset, and we even saw the sun turn green just before it slipped into the water! It wasn't quite the "green flash", because there wasn't the flash aspect to it, but we definitely saw green. I saw it but didn't say anything because I thought I'd just imagined it, but then Aidan said, "Wow, the sun just turned green!" and Bjorn said, "Yeah, I saw that, too!" so it was the real deal! It's a pretty rare phenomenon, so it was definitely a God Thing, in my book.

Then today we went to the beach near where my BIL/SIL's house is, and it was perfect weather for quite awhile. Sunny and warm, but with a cool breeze. Aidan and I took a long walk, and he discovered that the sand that was being washed by the water looked like it had gold dust in it -- it was sprinkled with something that was literally gold and shimmered in the sunlight, and it was, in his words, "amazing!" We had so much fun just watching that for awhile, then he went to get Bjorn and I went for my camera because the lighting was so perfect, and Aidan just looked so handsome and adorable out there, and he'll be a senior when we come out for Thanksgiving in two more years and then probably leaving home after that and ... so I had this amazingly heart-rending Mommy Moment and had to grab a bunch of photos! So here are just a couple of what I took:

*SIGH* I love this kid probably WAAAAAYYYY too much, KWIM? Enough to lock him in the guest house so he can never leave home ... and yet really, enough to not do that, enough to let him go Out There and be the man God wants him to be. And if I don't stop writing about this now there will be HUGE teardrops splashing all over my keyboard.

So, anyway, it was a crash hot day, and I am so utterly exhausted! But those two or so hours on the beach today ... totally what my soul needed. Just sitting watching the waves roll and break, roll and break. Aidan asked me how I could just sit there and do nothing but watch the waves, and I didn't know how to explain it to him. I tried. I tried talking about how beautiful the curve is as the wave rolls over, how powerful when it breaks, how you can just feel so connected to God at the sea. I don't know if I got through or not, though. Some of us are just "called" by the sea, I guess, and it's not something that can be explained.

Everybody around here keeps thinking they're coming down with some kind of cold (except for me, Bjorn and Aidan), so please keep us in your prayers that we'll stay healthy in spite of it all!!

Grace & peace to all.

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