Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Artsy Oriental

Tonight I am trying to ignore the election returns, since I think it'll only make me a nervous wreck before everything is all tallied up (of course, by the time most of you read this, we'll all know who won ...)

So I spent time over at my parents' house watching last week's Mythbusters and Storm Chasers (I LOVE those shows!). After watching the aftermath of a tornado on a small town in Mississippi last summer, I can say there are worse things than my candidate not winning the election.

And now I'm killing more time blogging! Clever girl, aren't I? I'm going to show you the "artsy oriental" item I made yesterday and put together today. It's a framed card front, really -- I decided I'd rather frame it than make it a card. So here is the picture of it:

I got the inspiration from StampMom's blog for Nov. 2. She had taken hers from this painting called "Modern Bamboo" by Don Li-Leger:
She had a bit of a different color palette and look, but I wanted to make mine look as close as possible. I thought of the "Floating Varnished Pearls" technique from TJ (or is it "Varnished Floating Pearls"? ... anyway ...), and modified it a bit so it would be smooth instead of textured. I stamped this Hero Arts bamboo image twice in Black Staz-on, then stamped the sentiment from Art Neko (it has a bamboo image on the stamp, but I cut that off for this card -- cut it off the stamped image, NOT the stamp!), then after matting the image and the sentiment, mounted them both on a cut-down piece of bamboo sushi mat I had purchased at the grocery store eons ago as a potential craft item. Then I mounted that on black cardstock with the intent of using it as a card, but decided to frame it instead. I really like the way it all turned out!

Well, Aidan is ready for us to come pray with him before he goes to sleep, so I'd better honor that before he gets to sleep first! I'm sure I have more to blog about, but aren't you glad Aidan has cut me short?

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow ...

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Shirley said...

What a really pretty Asian card! LOve the Varnished Pearls technique too!